window glass replacement

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Glass of a Window Replaced?

J.G. asks from Chicago

When we bought our house, one window in our bedroom was a little cloudy. It was our first house, we thought nothing of it. Now the window looks terrible. The seal bro...


Window Replacement

S.L. asks from Los Angeles

Can anyone recommend a good window company in the SF Valley (Encino area)? We are looking to replace the old wooden windows in our house. Thanks.


Reputable, TOP Quality Window Replacement Company DFW Area?

T.F. asks from Dallas

We built our house in 2000 and we have pretty much upgraded everything that can be upgraded except the windows. We are VERY unhappy with our builder but I know we ar...


Looking for Replacement Windows

K.R. asks from Minneapolis

We live in a house that's over 80 years old and it's time to get rid of our very dilapidated windows. We have 9 that need to be replaced and we have one estimate so f...


I'm Broke and So Is My Neighbor's Window!

M.G. asks from Denver

My dog just fell through our neighbor's window well and shattered the glass. We are not in a great financial position right now, so we are looking for a cheap fix. An...


Good Window Installers

P.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, We are planning to replace some of the windows in our house, looking for more energy efficient. Our house is older, built in 1969 in the North Dallas are...


Flat Glass Stove Tops

K.B. asks from Cincinnati

I am a horrible cook. I just baught a house, and with it came a flattop glass stove. I have boiled over 4 different things already. There are crusty burnt on stuff on...


Seeking Advice/recommendation Re: Broken Window

H.L. asks from Detroit

Hello. We have a large front window that opens by sliding side to side- like a doorwall would. Each halp is apv 3 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide. The glass is double ...


Help, Florida Moms! Window - What Kind Is This & How to Fix?

M.L. asks from Miami

Hi! Single mom, living in a rental. We have a window with one broken pane that I need to fix before I move out. However, I can't find the name of this type of wi...


Window Replacement

R.F. asks from Dallas

I need several windows replaced in my house. Looking for someone who is reasonable and realiable. Please let me know who you suggest, I am in the Corinth area.

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