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M.A. asks from Washington DC

Good Morning Moms. I am an African American woman and I am looking for a great reasonably priced hair stylist to do my hair. I don’t go to the hair salon because my...


Hair Hair Everywhere!!!

J.C. asks from New York

OK ladies, am I the only one sweeping up hair all day, every day??? No matter how many times I sweep, vacuum, and mop my floors there is still hair everywhere. Am I...


What Can I Do to Make My Hair Grow

T.H. asks from Topeka

I just got my hair cut (not by my usual stylist--long story). Anyways, she cut a SHORT layer in my hair and I hate it! My hair is naturally curly and the layer makes ...


Hair Loss Problem

C.P. asks from Albany

I have been experiencing hair loss since i turned 25.Despite all the different medicine and treatment i did use there has been no improvement! is there anything else ...


One Piece Clip in Hair Extensions

S.P. asks from Nashville

so im really wanting longer hair and wondering if anybody has tried these from sallys? What do you think about them? can you sleep in them? can you wear your hair in ...


EXTREMELY Thinning Hair/ Going Bald!!!! HELP!!! Affecting Me Socially!!!

T.F. asks from Philadelphia

Ok so it is a hereditary trait in my family. All the women have thinning hair to the point you can see there scalp. But problem is, mine is alot worse than my moms. I...


Seeking Advice for a 23 Month Old Who Pulls Mom's Hair and Hits Her at Bedtime.

T.R. asks from Washington DC

My adorable son is so sweet except at bedtime. Since he was little he liked to twirl my hair to go to sleep but now that he is older he pulls at my hair to fall asle...


9Yr. Old Daughter Losing Her Hair - Ideas to Help Her Feel Better About Herself?

C.A. asks from Pocatello

My 9 yr. old has been diagnosed with Alopecia and is losing her hair. At fist we tried to be creative about styling her hair to cover the bald spots, but now she has ...


Locks of Love

M.W. asks from Phoenix

im looking for a salon that will cut my hair and donate it to locks of love...ive done it before but did the mail in way...and i really dont want to go that route aga...


Aunt with Ovarian Cancer Having Chemo, Would It Be Weird to Be Bald?

C.G. asks from Houston

My Aunt was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in the beginning of this year. She has had her first set of Chemo and is about to undergo her second set. She has always h...

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  • real hair wig in 2 answers "... try contacting Locks of Love to see where they distribute for a real hair wig."
  • most people dont wear in 2 answers "... but still got looks and questions of course because most people don't wear ..."
  • had breast cancer in 3 answers "I had breast cancer and took those dreadful chemo treatments and lost all my hair."
  • colored wigs in 2 answers "She'd play around with funky colored wigs (cheap ones) and fun hats all the time."
  • check your thyroid in 2 answers "I agree that you should check your thyroid with the help of your doctor."