why is my 5 month old so fussy

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4 Week Old Very Fussy in the Evenings

K.V. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies I need some light at the end of tunnel. My beautiful 4 week old daughter crys every evening from about 6pm until 9-10pm. Is this the "Fussy" period that I ...


12 Month Old Fussy

W.W. asks from Austin

My 12 month old has become increasingly fussy the last couple days and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it. Up until this point she has been a happy little girl...


Fussy 7 Month Old

J.H. asks from Milwaukee

I have twin 7 month old daughters, both are on the Nestle Good Start formula and the cereals as well as baby food - we have tried them all with no problems so far. B...


Fussy in the Evening

S.M. asks from Seattle

I am sure that everyone thinks that their problem is not like anybody else. Anyway, at the end of the day...usually in the evening. I start to feed my 2 month old a...


Fussy to Sleep

J.M. asks from Milwaukee

Hi. My 2 month old son will not go to sleep without a tantrum. He is RARELY content during the day. I would think it is colic, but it is only during the day and only ...


Fussy Baby

M.P. asks from Detroit

My 4 month old baby is so spoiled right now. She constantly wants me to hold her. As soon as i set her down she cries and cries. I've tried to let her cry but she st...


Fussy Baby

A.P. asks from Las Vegas

My baby is 1 month and 2 weeks she sleeps good at night but during the day she seems uncomfortable if i put her on her glider swing or bed, she wants to be held all t...


Fussy at Night

C.W. asks from Kansas City

I have a little angel Megan.She is 5 months old and my 2nd.Her and her sister share a room and the last 3 weeks have been hell.I slept with Megan for 3 months and one...


Fussy Baby

A.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Ladies-I have a 13 week old that has had her time of not being an angel but the last week it is as a little devil has been on her left shoilder. She has been unbe...


New Mom Needs Help with Fussy 3 Week Old :/

C.H. asks from Seattle

my daughter is 3 weeks old and has been really fussy latley. when im trying to feed her [formula] she starts to eat and then becomes extreamly fussy and arches her ba...

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