why are my stretch marks red

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Bruising on the Belly

I found a big bruise on the side of my belly and I know I didn't bump into ... i was bruised on the inside of my belly, but there were no visual marks on the outside ... Help: My Son Has Red Cheeks ... bruising · pregnancy stretch marks ...

ITCHY Pregnant Belly! Help!

About two weeks ago my belly started itching really badly. ... and I developed this huge red bumpy rash on my stomach that was 10 times more itchy than before. ... I used it with my last pregnancy and had no stretch marks at the end. ...

Skin on Face Is Red and Dry

The skin on my face seems to be getting more red and dryer than usual..." ... belly (for stretch marks) and every where else (even my dry scalp). ...

7 Year Old with Bumps

Read all 10 responses: "My 7 year old daughter has little red, pimple-looking bumps on the tops of her thighs and a few on ... Bite like Marks on 3 Year Old ...

How to Reduce Strech Marks

I used the Palmer's stretch mark cream with both of my boys and I still got the .... Now that my youngest is almost 2, mine are silvery and not red anymore, ...

How to Prevent Scarring from a Hot Oil Burn

My son got a burn from a hibachi restaurant when hot oil splattered on the stove top. It hit him right between the eyes at the top ... The scab came off today but it is very raw and red and the size of a pencil eraser. ... Stretch Marks ...

Pregnancy Itching @ Night ... Can Anyone Help?

This is my sixth pregnancy, and fifth child, and I never had this side effect. ... I had it on my legs and arms and you couldn't see any red bumps or marks it just itched. .... Now I use ErbaOrganics Stretch mark Oil (sold at Target). ...

Strawberry Angioma Birthmarks

Read all 8 responses: "My daughter has a small "strawberry angioma" birthmark on her nose. ... It went to a bumpy red "strawberry". We were told it would go away at around 6 months to 1 .... stretch marks removal · cold laser therapy ...

16 Mth Old Has Weird Marks on Ankle- Anybody Seen/experienced This?

My son developed a big red mark on his left ankle when he was 3 months. The doctor was perplexed and ... Next question: Weird Stretch Marks on My Daughter ...

Is There a Cream to Prevent Scarring?

Apr 17, 2009 ... Read all 41 responses: "My two year old daughter fell on my treadmill last week while I was on it. ... weeks the small red area thats left should heal up perfectly. ..... This product works wonders on stretch marks also. ...
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