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Treatment of Thrush

I treated my nipples and baby's mouth with gentian violet 2 times a day ... I never tried the gentian violet. I think I would do that if I had a next time. ...

9 Month Old Baby with Thrush

Gentian Violet does work. but thrush goes away in time, too. if you are nusing, ... Layla, there is controversy about the safety of Gentian Violet. ...

Remedies for Yeast Infection in Nipples?

Also eating lots of foods with live and active cultures helps to keep yeast .... Try Gentian violet. It's messy and your nipples and the babies mouth will ...


Using Gentian Violet is also on kellymom.com. It suppose to work faster than the ... Someplace like Whole Foods is where you are most likely to find it. ...

Nystatin & Diarrhea

Several of you have suggested Gentian Violet, and I've heard it's messy. ... We us Bifidus from Whole Foods. They are just the live and active cultures of ...

What to Do About Rash?

When I did both together, pro-biotics and gentian violet, it worked! ..... Whole Foods Market sells a chlorine-free diaper that might work for her (I think ...

White Mark on Nipple

It's very easy to get rid of with the gentian violet which is available over the counter for about $2. (The antibiotics they prescribes us at first for $80 ...

Infant Thrush

We tried a lot of things, but what finally worked was Gentian Violet. .... Whole Foods has a wide selection and the staff know about the different ones. ...

"Thrush in Baby's Mouth"

Purchase some Gentian Violet to treat yourself and baby.(This turns everything purple) ... I wouldn't give her a whole bunch at once, she is very young. ...
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