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Transitioning to Whole Milk.

B.P. asks from San Francisco

My son is going to be one on June 15th. I had to leave him over night last weekend for the first time and decided to introduce whole milk to him when I returned sinc...


From Formula to Whole Milk

A.W. asks from San Francisco

Hi mamas: My son just turned one and we are starting to transition him from formula to whole milk. I was wondering how I can store the milk while we are out and abou...


Weaning to Whole Milk

A.H. asks from Columbus

Hi- I am starting to wean my 13 month old, who has only been breastfed. I started this week by giving him one 3 oz bottle of organic whole milk during the day while I...


Won't Take Whole Milk

J.A. asks from Danville

My 11-month old daughter doesn't seem to like whole milk. I'm trying to switch her over and she doesn't seem to like it. We've trying warming the milk and tried it co...


When Did You Start Whole Milk? *Edited*

J.R. asks from Decatur

My baby is 15 months and I haven't started him on whole milk yet. I wanted to wait with it because of allergies and just some issues I have with milk. My other 3 I pr...


Gving Whole Milk

R.M. asks from San Antonio

My beautiful daughter is turning 1 in about two weeks. Her doctor wants her to start driking whole milk. We have already started giving her some. What the doctor wa...


Favorite Whole Foods Item

J.P. asks from Boise

For anyone that has a local Whole Foods or stocks up when they go, like I have to, I am wondering what your favorite item is. I have to travel for work and will be i...


Transition to Whole Milk at 1Yr

K.S. asks from Detroit

My daughter was breastfed pumped milk until she was 5 months old then we switched to organic formula because I could not produce enough. Now we have slowly tried to t...


Switching from Breastmilk to Whole Milk

J.S. asks from Provo

I have a Baby boy that will be one in March. I am not producing as much as I have been in the past. At what time frame can his system handle being switched from brea...


Switching to Whole Milk

C.P. asks from Los Angeles

Our pediatrician has recommended we start giving our 13 mo. old whole milk. Have no problems with that, but I am concerned about the high levels of hormones found in ...

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  • bovine growth hormone in 2 answers "... to be better for what it DOESN'T have, namely antibiotics, bovine growth hormone ..."
  • insulated lunch bag in 2 answers "I would not use a thermos or insulated lunch bag to store milk for long (more than ..."
  • 2 percent or skim in 2 answers "... to cow's milk, they would be equally allergic to whole milk as to 2% or skim ..."
  • fat for brain development in 2 answers "... be whole milk until they are 2, because they need the fat for brain development."
  • milk and gradually increase in 2 answers "... do mostly formula (or bm if she was breastfed) and milk and gradually increase ..."