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12-Month-old on Whole Milk and Doesn't Care for It!

S.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I recently started my 12 month-old son on whole milk. I have nursed exclusively since he was born but am now ready to get him started on whole milk. We've only trid i...


Whole Milk + Constipation

M.M. asks from Nashville

I recently switched my one year old to whole milk. She is having a horrible time with constipation. The poor thing strains and cries when she goes to the bathroom, ...


Breast Milk to Whole Mlik

A.N. asks from Stationed Overseas

Is it ok to give my 11 month old whole milk now or do I need to wait until 12 months?


Whole Milk for Toddler

A.M. asks from San Diego

Hi mamas, I'm in the process of switching my 14 month old from formula to whole milk, and from bottles to sippy cups. My question is...how much whole milk should/...


Whole Milk and Diaper Rash

L.G. asks from Chicago

My 12 month old baby seems to be getting a diaper rash from starting on whole milk. Has anyone experienced this? She has had dairy since 9 months (yogurt and cheese)...


Making the Switch to Whole Milk

J.S. asks from Detroit

Hello moms, I just recently switched my 12 month old over to whole milk and it is going well. He usually takes a great bottle in the morning and sometimes at night. ...


Sprouts Vs. Whole Foods

T.L. asks from Dallas

So my little guy has some food allergies. We're not sure of the extent just yet, but the preliminary testing showed a peanut and possible corn allergy. He is just abo...


Switching to Whole Milk

J.S. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas, My son is 11 1/2 months old and has been on formula since he was born (didnt BF for personal reasons). Well I was getting close to the bottom of the con...


Whole Wheat/Grain Brownie Recipe

M.R. asks from Phoenix

My son loves brownies and I have typically used the Ghiradelli mix. I experimented yesterday with a homemade batch made with a multi-grain flour. It turned out ca...


Whole Foods Market

L.L. asks from Hartford

I have really been trying to give my family the healthiest choices to eat. I am curious about Whole Foods. Anybody shop there? Are they much more expensive? Is it wor...

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