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Sprouts Vs. Whole Foods

Read all 5 responses: "So my little guy has some food allergies. We're not sure of the extent just yet, but the preliminary testing showed a peanut and ...

Looking for Kid-Friendly Back-packs

But I know that Whole Foods carries some lead-free/PVC-free lunch bags (I'm ... Does Whole Foods have anything? Tree City Diapers in Ann Arbor had some cute ...

Gripe Water

There is another gripe water sold at Whole Foods, but since I had been .... I bought some at Whole Foods for my baby. He was soooo fussy and very gassy. ...

Best Baby Food Brands

Make sure you have good healthy whole foods at each meal. Kids will eat what you eat, but if you give them baby food, sometimes they become picky. ...

Breast Milk Drying Up

You can also try Fenugreek/Blessed thistle herbal capsules you can pick up at a whole foods market. Generally the recommendation is 1 pill each three times ...

Needing Food Suggestions for 8 MO That Can Not Eat Dairy or Soy

You can find a bunch at like whole foods. I am against giving dairy to my kids. So I would take an hour and wonder around whole foods and see what you can ...

Looking for Nut-free Birthday Cake

Try Whole Foods if there is one in your area. I'm not sure about nut free but they definately make egg free and wheat free. Helpful? ...

Food Co-op

I only shop at whole foods and the farmers market on Sundays in Hollywood. I like to by local produce only because shipping from far off freaks me out. ...

Food Allergy Advise Needed

Whole Foods, Trader Joes and other health food stores carry a variety of products that are made from rice and potatos, such as breads, pancake, cookie and ...

Food/snack Ideas for 15 Month Old W/only 3 Teeth

They are a basically healthy whole grain cereal, he can pick them up off his ... much whole milk (which is very filling), so he wasn't eating as much food. ...
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