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What to Wear to a "Casual" Wedding?

Everyone wore shorts or jeans and tennis shoes or sandals. .... Ask another couple you know that is going if it will help you feel better. Helpful? ...

Anyone Try the Spanx Stuff?

I have a tummy problem and love handles and I look so much better in my Jeans know. ... I bought the flexees I believe brand from Kohls and wore it to my ...

8 Months Pregnant and Hands Are Hurting Really Bad like I Have Arthritis

Oct 30, 2009 ... I eventually went to an acupuncturist and was 100% better after a .... When I noticed the pain returning, I wore the braces at night for a ...

Tummy Tuck??

I was off from work for about a week and I think after that first week I started to feel a lot better, although I wore a girdle-like thing for about a month ...

Recovering from Foot Surgery

I wore the special shoe for 2-3 weeks and then loose fitting shoes for about 1 month. I was better than new about 2 months after surgery. ...

My 18 Month Old Has a Lazy Eye, Any Tips or Suggestions Would Be Helpful.

They say that with the patch, once the baby sees they can see better they leave ... He wore glasses for a year, and when I took him to a different doctor, ...

Paragon CRT

Apr 7, 2009 ... During the time I wore soft lenses and glasses my vision changed every ... It improves every year, and will only get better by the time your ...

Seeking Advice: My Daughter Has an Underbite and Needs to Wear a Chin Cup

... at a much older agethank you all I feel better about my decision now ... in the day for my underbite I believe I wore it for a yearat night and then I ...

Has Anyone Used a Bio Band for Nausea?

I wore Sea-Bands for my first trimester and I took Premesis Prenatal vitamins, ... Better than nausea. Now I'm sure they work for some and not so good for ...

Pelvic Pain During Third Trimester

When I keep up with stretching, a lot of the pains are better. ... But the minute the epideral and all the pain meds wore off, it was gone. ...
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