white spots on baby s teeth

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Cold and Raised Red Bumps??

There may be a white ring around some of the spots. ... There are viruses that cause rashes in young kids and they are very common for babies. ...

Bald Spot on the Back of My Newborn's Head

its normal most babys lose there hair when they are little all you can do .... it You already know it's normal My husband calls itwhitewalls His hair will ...

Cavities in 4 Yr Old

Illness during pregnancy sometimes causes the teeth to erupt with brown or white or even yellow spots, ... Our regular dentist said that often with cavities placed in baby teeth,they ... S. www.SwitchStoresForHealthyLiving.com. Helpful? ...

Getting Rust Out of Clothes

I would not use bleach because the white washing effect shows in a different texture/pattern than ... stains out of clothes · yellow spot on baby tooth ...

Rash Around Mouth That Looks like Impetigo but Isn't

PS - I have been using California baby cream for eczema and that wasn't helping either. ... Is your child just learning to brush their teeth? .... With that you will typically also see white spots in her mouth and her tongue might look like it has a ... S. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Looking for Help with Biracial Baby Hair

I use for my child's hair and it works great. www.carolsdaughter.com and just ... I'm white and the dad is black. Her hair is really curly in some spots and ...

Weird Rash on My 27 Month Old

This is what I have done since she was a baby. ... The way you described the white bumps on the red spots reminded me of this. Good luck! Helpful? ...

Busted Lip

white spots on baby's tongue · pregnant swollen ... Starting Solids · Newborn & 3 Yr Old · Bacon & French Fries · How Do You Get Your Toddler to S.. ...

How Do I Get Rid of That Last Bottle Before Bedtime?

My niece had 2 brown spots on her back teeth that was from milk. ... there are sugars in milk that can cause tooth decay in small babies that ... Maybe turn on a fan or a cool mist humidifier (creates white noise) - soothing sounds. ...

Seeking Help for 7 Year Old Son's Face

Just check it out before you put different products on your child's face. ... The fungus cleared up but the white spots lasted awhile but eventually ...
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  • light hat on his head in 2 answers "i would try putting a light hat on his head if he will tolerate it."
  • his hair will grow back in 2 answers "Don't worry, it's only temporary and his hair will grow back."
  • put a hat on his head in 2 answers "If it helps put a hat on his head while he sleeps?"
  • rash around his mouth in 2 answers "Our son also had the same type of rash around his mouth and has eczema on his face."
  • perioral dermatitis in 2 answers "I read that women with perioral dermatitis should not use fluoride toothpastes as ..."