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How was your experience with Jewelry Insurance?

My ring was insured through the jewler. But, we also have it insured through our homeowners. .... You can choose between white and whole wheat crust, and they have a large varieties of toppings to choose from. ... Cash 4 Gold? ...

When Is a Good Age to Pierce Your Child's Ears?

She wore her original earrings for the first year until she let me change them over to small white gold hoops. She loves them but doesn't play w/ them, ...

When Is the Best Time to Have My Daughter's Ears Pierced?

My daughter had 24karet gold earring put in and she is only allowed to have ... with their ear-rings because they've never known a time when they didn't have ...... You can choose between white and whole wheat crust, and they have a ...

Craft Idea for a Kindergarden Class

You can put the spider ring on one of the fingers. ... then sprinkle them with gold glitter. wrap green pipe cleaner around the stem and it makes ... A cute ghost craft: Take their hands and dip them in white paint(or paint it on with ...

Tooth Fairy Ideas

Tooth fairy leaves $1.00 for each tooth - either paper currency or gold ... Or you can get a little velvet ring box from the jeweler and just remove the inside . ... You can choose between white and whole wheat crust, and they have a ...


Have the younger ones play duck duck goose and ring around the posie. ... Then when you're at the reunion you can scatter the gold everywhere so while ... Ask everyone to bring a washed white shirt, get a bunch of 5 gallon buckets and ...

Help with My Daughters Princess Party

They then had a fancy dress parade and sat at a table decorated in gold and pink ... Then have your husband, dressed as the grand duke, ring the doorbell and pass ... I iced the whole cake white, then put Hershey kisses on the "towers". ...

Newborn: Ear Piercing

14 Sep 2009 ... My DD is now almost 3 and she is starting to become interested in my ear rings. ... I would recommend for you to get gold earrings. ...

6 Month Old Waking up at Night

... maybe give her a teething ring or something when she wakes and see if it helps. .... I picked holiday colors (green, white, red, blue, gold & silver). ...

Seeking Ideas for Sweet 16 Birthday

My mom got me a diamond ring for my sweet 16 she got it from a pawn shop so it wasnt ... when savannah turned 16...we gave her a black/white party. ..... of jewelry from when I turned 30...my mom gave me a gold bracelet that said "29", ...
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