which is better kumon or sylvan

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Seeking Tutor/ Help in School

Sylvan Learning center worked miracles for us. They evaluate your childs needs and work closely with them. ... Kumon, Score, or Sylvan? ...

Summer Reading & Writing Tutor's

Last summer we used Sylvan twice a week and one of the teachers from his school once a week; this got my son to where he .... Sylvan, Kumon, or Neither? ...

Seeking Advice on Tutors

Try Sylvan. They're usually cheaper than hiring a private tutor (although not always), and they really work for most kids. ... Kumon, Score, or Sylvan? ...

Seeking Reading Tutor for My First Grader in Plainfield

Aug 14, 2009 ... Besides Sylvan Learning Center or any other big name tutoring centers, I was wondering if anyone ... Next question: Kumon, Score, or Sylvan? ...

Plano 10Th Grader Needs Tutoring for SAT

Since 1977, Huntington has helped thousands of students a year do better in school and on college entrance exams. ... Kumon, Score, or Sylvan? ...

Consequences for Grades and Homework

Some ideas on consequences for bad grades/motivation to do better. My son is struggling in school. ...... Kumon, Score, or Sylvan? ...

School Work

Kids learn better when they are having fun with it. Helpful? .... After just one week he was already reading better. .... Kumon, Score, or Sylvan? ...

Reading Tutor Needed for 6, Almost 7 Year Old That Has Already Repeated K

Apr 21, 2009 ... I need help but can't afford Sylvan or Kumon. My son has already repeated kindergarten ... I believe he would do better with someone else. ...

Seeking Advice on How to Strength Math Facts Base

I know Kumon has a reputation for strengthening math skills, but it is memorization/ repetition, I think, not creative or fun, so some kids would do better ...

Looking for Kindergarten Tutor

Tutors in the Van Nuys/sherman Oaks Area · 5 · Seeking a Math Tutor in the Mansfield/Arlington/Grand Prairie Area · 14 · Kumon, Score, or Sylvan? ...
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