which diapers are better for boy

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Read all 37 responses: "I need to switch diapers, I have been using Huggies ... When potty training we used Huggies Pull-Ups. They were much better and easier for .... Hi, I am a mother of a little boy 12 months now and we loved pampers ...

Has Anyone Tried G Diapers?

I also wonder if maybe they're better for girls than boys. ... Has anyone tried G diapers? I'd love to know what you thought of them. ...

What Diapers Are Best for Preventing Leaking Out the Top?

Sep 24, 2009 ... We found that the overnight diapers work better. They have prevented most leaks for us. Helpful? .... But since I have a boy, I find he leaks alot at night. ...

Could It Be the Diaper?

I recommend trying them and see if it better. C. Mom to 3 and 1 yo boys. ... The diapers look way too big, but they hold more. I just make sure they are ...

Best Diapers for Girls Size 3 and Up?

We have a boy, but are in the same boat. I've discovered that I prefer the ..... The diapers I liked the best even better then all of the name brand were ...

Crystals on Belly When I Change His Diaper

You might want to get a better brand. Good luck and happy diaper changing! .... Little boys pee in the front of their diaper so that would be my guess as to ...

Houdini Diaper Boy - How Young Is Too Young to Potty Train?

Houdini Diaper Boy - How Young Is Too Young to Potty Train? I have read a few requests/responses .... The earlier the better for you who has to change them. ...

What are popular infant diaper brands for night time?

I too recommend Luvs for boys. I received several types of diapers as .... but remember for later that Good Nights work better for my 2 boys than Pull Ups ...

Pampers Cruisers Vs. Baby Dry-- Huggies Supreme Vs. Regular

Esp if you have a super soaker like my boy. My kids fit into diapers the same way as yours, my girlie was better in Pampers but I've switched to the Huggies ...

Costco/Sams For Baby Items

Sams has a GREAT version of Pull-Ups for both boys and girls! I guess I really do think Costco has a better quality diaper and wipe but I ended up going ...
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  • crystals are from the diaper in 6 answers "The crystals are from the diaper. We were using Huggies and noticed that this happened ..."
  • urate crystals in 4 answers "... While in Nursing school, I learned that some newborns may get "urate crystals ..."
  • pampers baby dry in 6 answers "I now use either Pampers Baby Dry or Cruisers."
  • kirkland brand diapers in 2 answers "Around size 3, we changed to the kirkland brand diapers from costco."
  • pampers baby dry in 4 answers "... I second Luvs.. The bearhug flex ones have stretchy tabs like Pampers baby Dry ..."