where does pink eye come from

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Watery, Crusty Eyes

Oct 9, 2009 ... Sometimes with colds stuff will come out of the eyes. Also, a clogged tear duct is ... Viral pink eye does not require antibiotic ointment. ...

Red Eyes

Recently we have had a lot of illness in the house: strep throat, pink eye, stomach bugs, etc. so we got someone to come out & check for mold. ...

Any Moms Out There Have Any Advice on How to Give 2 Year Old Eye Drops?

Nov 11, 2009 ... I had to have a neighbor come over and hold her down and I still couldn't ... My sitter had to show me how to do it when my son had pink eye ...

7 Month with Mattery eyes...could It Be Teething?

I to am thinking pink eye. However the eye drops the dr gives you do work just fine. .... Mattery eyes was always the first to come and last to go, ...

Stye Remedies

Styes come up for a variety of reasons... sometimes having to do with allergies to foods or ... Perhaps she has pink eye and will require eye antibiotics. ...

Hives (No More Advice Needed Thanks)

Oct 5, 2009 ... I just read your letter to my husband and asked him "who does this sound like? ... At 2 he had hives that would come on for no known reason (he also had ... At first I thought it was pink eye, but it didn't have the same ...

My 2 Boys Are Continuously Sick

I can honestly say that my children are rarely sick, and if they do come down ..... We have dealt with strep, pink eye, and at the present time they are ...

Awkward Eye Blinking

She does not have any discharge or crustiness in or around her eyes. .... Like he would blink alot when his grandparents would come over so they would say ... the pink/purple under both eyes, which is definitely related to allergies. ...

Eye Goo Won't Go Away

Some doctors will tell you that if it does not clear up on its own, ... up on the inner corner of the eye you will see the goo come out of his tear duct. do ...

Any Advice on to Give a Four Year Old Eye Drops

Perhaps a neighbor can come over and assist you??? Good luck ... I had chronic pink eye for months and had to do this everyday three times a day. ...
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