when to try soy formula

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Switching Formula's

What kind of formula were you using and what kind did you switch to? With Iron? Milk-based? Try Soy or Lactose free formulas that are iron fortified if you ...

Introducing Juice

We recently switched her to Soy formula and it is making her bowel movements thicker ... I had to calm her down, change her into jammies and try the formula ...

Soy Formula

I used Similiac Isomil Advance Soy formula, and my son did very well. At about 10 months I began the switch to the milk based formula so that I could try to ...

Soy Formula

I guess if you are to use soy formula, try it for a little while then wean him off of it if you can. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Constipation Causing Formula

Formula does normally do this but the Kayro should help, it did for my dauther. Try a formula that has the normal amount of Iron. Soy will do the complete ...

Soy FREE Formula

HI C......you could try www.soyfreeformula.com or google soy free formula for about 300000 responses. C. M Hamlin Cave Junction OR. Helpful? ...

Formula Feedings

Before you go to soy formula try the gentleease lipil from Enfamil. I experienced about the same thing but tried using the same brand but just one that was ...

Soy Formula?

I was wondering if it could be the soy formula that is doing this? ..... Try giving her prunes. Fruits and veggies with her formula is more than enough food ...

Enfamil Gentlease Formula Issues Anyone?

Maybe try a soy formula, we had to do this with my daughter since it turned out she had an early milk allergy. The only thing that she could use was the ...

Soy Formula Problems

We are supplementing our son with soy formula because of excess gas. ... You will probably have to try a different brand of formula. ...
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  • isomil advance soy formula in 2 answers "I used Similiac Isomil Advance Soy formula, and my son did very well."
  • similac isomil advance in 2 answers "Before we left the hospital, I switched her to the Similac Isomil Advance, Soy based."
  • prune juice in the formula in 2 answers "Try putting teaspon of prune juice in the formula."
  • milk based formula in 5 answers "... with fomula feeding, then you might try Carnation Good Start milk-based formula ..."
  • little prune juice in 2 answers "We are also doing a little prune juice twice a day ( per the DR) I am thinking it ..."