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How to Discipline/teach a Strong Will, Stubborn, and Persistent 24Month Old?

J.R. asks from Stockton

I have three sons (8, 4, and one month shy of 2) and my 2 year old is the toughest to discipline. He is a hitter, biter, and a thrower and picks on my 4yr old the mos...


Having Trouble Keeping 3 Yr Old in Timeout.

T.B. asks from San Diego

My three year old recently realized that he can get up and leave timeout after we put him there. My husband has resorted to 'holding' him in timeout. Unfortunately, t...


Older Sibling

L.B. asks from San Francisco

I have a 5 1/2 mo. old daughter and an almost 2 1/2 year old son. I know he is 2 but the tantrums seem so crazy. I know part of it is the lack of attention, But even...


Son Hitting and Pulling Hair

A.B. asks from St. Louis

How can I stop my son (21 months) from hitting and pulling my hair? He does this predominantly to me, but also to others: my husband, my father, and my own mother, ...



M.S. asks from Chicago

My 18 month old is pulling out all the stops to being a toddler; she is hitting (just me when I discipline), throwing food, tantrums, laughing after she hits and I te...



E.G. asks from Yuba City

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been biting on and off (mostly off) for about a year. It would start when she was teething she'd bite for a few days, i'd consistently...


Toddler Biting

A.M. asks from Erie

I have a 13 month old that has started to bit about 3 weeks ago. I tell him in a stern voice no,no,bite mommy and I have been told by a bunch of people to bite him ba...


Make the Screaming Go Away!! Help!!

D.C. asks from Honolulu

Okay ladies, I have an almost 3 year old that likes to scream. Not yell...but using everything she has to SCREAM when she doesn't get her way. We do timeouts, spanki...


Advice on Disciplining Almost 2 Year Old

S.G. asks from Los Angeles

I have a almost 2 year old boy who is throwing temper tantrum all the time. He does not want to wear his diapers or does not wear any socks. Even he is hungry he wi...


17Month Old - Time Out for Hitting? or Too Young?

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 5 year old told me my 17month old DD "had TWO time-outs" at daycare for hitting another kid. My 17 month old sometimes will hit or take a toy and bonk it on som...

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  • when he hits or pulls in 2 answers "When he hits or pulls your hair, take hold of both of his hands, look him straight ..."
  • doesnt want to wear in 3 answers "... without socks and he won't starve himself to death. If he doesn't want to wear ..."
  • trying to potty train in 2 answers "... mom will be able to give him a lot more consistency if trying to potty train."
  • hugs and kisses in 2 answers "I would have her give me hugs and kisses like I do when she is hurt."
  • make a big deal in 2 answers "and he needs a time out. Make a big deal out of the positive behavior and he will ..."