when to start timeouts

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How to Handle the Start of Tantrums?/ Sippy Cup Question

T.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi Ladies! My DS is 16 months old and had his first MAJOR tantrum today (which included kicking, screaming and ended with him biting me!) I think I need to start rea...


At What Age Do You Start Disciplining?

B.M. asks from San Diego

My sweetheart just turned one (last week) but has had such a strong, quick temper since she was a baby. She is typically the most happy-go-lucky kid in the world...e...


When to Start "Time Outs"???

J.G. asks from Rapid City

I have 12 month old twin boys and they are starting to hit eachother, bit, and fight over everything. I know that this is normal for twins to do this... but I don't ...


When Is Too Early to Start Disciplining?

K.R. asks from Chicago

Hello! Recently my gorgeous and fun 16 month old daughter has been "testing her boundaries" so to speak. We're seeing occasional temper tantrums, screaming for atte...


What Age Should You Start Displining Your Child?

S.S. asks from Dallas

My 14 month old is starting to do things she shouldnt- hits my husband, get into the trash, knock things out of peoples hands, plays with plugs,etc. I tell her no and...


14 Month Old Hitting, Phase? When Did You Start Time Outs?

S.X. asks from Chicago

My 14 month old is hitting. Hitting me, hitting things, hitting herself and she makes this little grunting noise when she does it. I know she's seen her big brother h...


Time Outs for a 5 Yr Old & Other Age Appropriate Punishments

X.O. asks from Chicago

When do you stop doing time-outs with the "1 minute per age of year" guideline. My son will be 5 soon, and it seems that 4-5 minutes is no longer enough to produce t...


Punishment for 4 Yr Old...

L.D. asks from Spartanburg

can 4 yr olds understand the concept of punishment like taking away bedtime story for misbehaving at school vs timeouts?



S.B. asks from Minneapolis

I need some advice on how to get my 2yr.old to listen. She's very active and does things that could hurt her. If I tell her NO, it's like it doesn't phase her. Time-o...



K.E. asks from Los Angeles

Has anyone figured out a way to make a 2 year old listen???? A punishment that works???? 'Cause I've been using time-outs & they don't seem to work @ all!

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  • taking away a bedtime story in 2 answers "I can't imagine how taking away a bedtime story could be tied to any bad behavior ..."
  • take away bedtime story in 2 answers "... her anything - except to make everyone unhappy. To take away bedtime story ..."
  • wouldnt take away bedtime in 2 answers "... right on the spot or they don't understand. But I wouldn't take away bedtime ..."
  • throwing food on the floor in 2 answers "With the throwing food on the floor, just give her a little at a time on her high ..."
  • started time outs in 3 answers "I believe I started time outs with my oldest when he was 18 months or so."