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Feeding Schedule with Rice Cereal?

We have started feeding our 6 month old daughter rice cereal (Gerber's brand) just this week. We actually tried to start her on it a couple of weeks ago but ...

My Daughter Refuses to Eat Her Rice Cereal.....???

My Daughter Refuses to Eat Her Rice Cereal.....??? My almost five month old daughter is starting to refuse her rice cereal. .... When to Start Rice Cereal ...

Rice Cereal Then Fruits and Veggies?

Rice cereal is horrible. It looks gross and makes them so constipated! It's good to start them on that b/c of allergies and it being so bland, ...

Rice Cereal, Then What?

I had planned to start him on sweet potatoes with his evening rice cereal next week if he continues to do well. Or should I feed him rice cereal for longer ...

4 Month Old - Bm's and Rice Cereal

My son had BM problems from the time he was born so when it came time to start cereal my ped put him right on oatmeal. I would not use the rice if it is ...

12 Week Old Ready to Start Eating Rice Cereal?

Read all 22 responses: "At 11 weeks my baby was 11 pounds and 23 inches - she's a healthy eater. She eats about 30 plus ounces a day. She is trying to sleep ...

Bottle Nipples for Rice Cereal

The doctor told us to start him on rice cereal which we have started. He told us to get y cut nipples. We have searched the stores and only found ones for ...

Introducing Rice Cereal to 4 1/2 Month Old

That is the reason that I started to experiment with the rice cereal(before my doctor recommended it). My doctor recommended that he not start until he is ...

My Little Girl HATES Rice Cereal!

It sounds a lot like your child is associating the rice cereal with the soreness in her throat. You could try oatmeal cereal or just go ahead and start ...

When and How to Start Solids????

Ok so i just got my baby center magazine and it says you can start them on rice cereal as soon as 4 months or you can weight until 6 months b/c theres no ...
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