when to start birth control again

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Looking for Feedback on Birth Control

Prior to getting pregnant I hadent been on birth control..." ... If you decide to start trying again, you just go in and have it removed and there are no ...

Birth Control

Try the birth control shot!! I know, no one likes shots. But what is one shot every three months to make sure you don't get pregnant again? ...

When Should I Start Taking the Pill After Birth

In reality, I would not take Birth Control pills because it changes the physiology of the ... Because if you had your first period you are fertile again . ...

Yaz Birth Control

Read all 21 responses: "Has anyone taken Yaz birth control? ... I tend to get a headache for a few days until I start the regular ones again. ...

When Did You Get Your Period After STOPPING Birth Control Pills?

I finished my pack (again with no bleeding after I finished them, as I had expected) and now I'm still waiting for my period to start 6 weeks later. ... I' ve not taken Seasonique, but when I used regular birth control pills, ...

Breastfeeding and Birth Control

... for birth control but do not want to get pregnant again (yet). ... and if you want to have more kids you can start trying as soon as you stop them. ...

Birth Control Pills

You need to go ahead & start taking the pills in the next pack sometimes it takes your body awhile to get used to the birth control pills. ...

Mini-pill Birth Control

Oct 29, 2009 ... I'd consider using additional birth control if you don't want to get pregnant again soon. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

Breastfeeding and Birth Control - Decrease in Milk Supply

I'm still breastfeeding my 6 month old and my doctor said not to start a BCP .... I'm not sure about the birth control, I'm still on the mini pill. ...

Birth Control Killing Desire?

I'm on birth control and have been for about 2.5 years. ... will play a part as well, but look at the total picture before you start changing hormone pills. ...
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  • depo provera shot in 2 answers "So after my daughter in 2001, I went on the Depo-Provera shot & loved it."
  • nuva ring in 10 answers "I would suggest trying the nuva ring(I don't know if I spelled that on right)But me ..."
  • took the mini pill in 2 answers "... the pill, it is the breastfeeding that makes you irregular. I took the mini pill ..."
  • your milk supply in 5 answers "... won't prescribe a combo pill for me because of what it does to your milk supply."
  • being on the mini pill in 2 answers "I have definitely gained weight since being on the mini pill, but I wouldn't say it's ..."