when to start birth control after birth

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Loss of Bladder Control After Childbirth

While it's not normal, it's also not uncommon to have bladder control issues will after birth. I have two friends who had significant issues after their ...

Can Your Birth Control Pills Make You Sick???

When I first started birth control pills... they made me VERY sick. It took my system a few days to get used to them. Also... you don't normally start ...

Nosy Birth Control Question

Well let's see...after our first child together (his 3rd child and my 5th) we used natural birth control (ie he pulled out) and that worked well until we ...

Birth Control and Tubes Tied?

Sep 21, 2009 ... Read all 9 responses: "should i need to use birth control after getting ... I didn't and boy after 6 years of no birth control my body has ...

Birth Control While Breast Feeding

I just recently had my 6 week appointment after having my second baby and of course the subject of birth control was talked about - I received a ...

2Nd Period After Birth

Then I was told childbirth would likely help. After 2 kids, my periods are more painful than ever and that is even with being on birth control. ...

Birth Control Pill

Read all 9 responses: "Is anyone on or been on the genric birth control of yasmin? my ... Let me start ff by saying I am completely biased against the pill for contraception. ... After she was born, I was put on Yasmin-then the generic. ...

Good Birth Control Pill

Apr 26, 2009 ... Good Birth Control Pill. Hi Moms! I took the pill forever ago (ortho nova 7-7-7) . After I had my daughter, they put me on the only pill that ...

Need Info on Mirena Birth Control

i have to boys 3 years old and 17 months old..i had the mirena put in after my 2nd son...and i also love it...i am not one to take birth control pills ...

Seasonal Birth Control, Have Anyone Tried It UPDATE

(while after trying the birth control ring which didnt work for me) Anyway ... then I start up again and am fine for a good while, with no spotting at all. ...
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