when to start birth control after birth

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When Did You Get Your Period After STOPPING Birth Control Pills?

I've not taken Seasonique, but when I used regular birth control pills, I didn't get a period for months after stopping them. In fact a year later, ...

Health Problems After Yasmin Birth Control?

I saw a commercial last night for a lawyer who was searching for people who had any number of health issues after being on Yasmin birth control. ...

Birth Control

Read all 4 responses: "Has anyone tried the new birth control pill Yaz? ... only spotting the first month I began taking them, after giving birth. ...

Pregnancy After Depo Birth Control

Read all 15 responses: "Hello, I am 30 years old and have a wonderful 7 year old son. I had always thought that I would have only the one child.

Looking for Feedback on Birth Control

Prior to getting pregnant I hadent been on birth control..." ... If you decide to start trying again, you just go in and have it removed and there are no ...

Birth Control Suggestions?

I had the copper IUD after the birth of my first son, and I loved it. ... it's easy to take out and we can start trying right away for another one. ...

Birth Control While Also Taking Antibiotics!

I'm not really sure how long after you've finished your dose, that you can stop the additional form of birth control. That would be a question for your ...

How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant After Stopping Birthcontrol?

I was wondering if anyone had problems getting pregnant after stopping birthcontrol? I had been on birth control for about 2 years when I decided to get off ...

Mirena/other Birth Control?

I was told I could never take hormonal birth control due to a past history of blood clots (previous to me losing a LOT of weight). After the birth of my ...

Can Periods Irregular for a While After Giving Birth?

What kind of birth control are you using? I got the IUD after having my son and havent had a period since. I do feel like I will start but I ususally just ...
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  • non hormonal iud in 2 answers "I use the non hormonal IUD as well."
  • had no side effects in 2 answers "... are trying to conceive....and boy do I miss that thing! I had no side-effects ..."
  • hormonal side effects in 2 answers "I never noticed ANY hormonal side effects from it, and I always had bad reactions ..."
  • depo shot any longer in 2 answers "... the dad left us and I didn't see no reason to be on the depo shot any longer."
  • birth control pills in 3 answers "May reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills." The insert that comes with ..."