when to put your cat down

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Cat Scratched 10.5 Month Old

Thanks- I think we've calmed down and realize we just need to do a better job of keeping ..... It may take 1 person to hold your cat while you put them on. ...

How Do I Get a One Month Old to Sleep in His Own Bed?

Try waiting until he is drowsy and put him down awake soothe him with your voice a pacifier a heart beat bear noise machinewhateverbut try not to pick him ...

Cat Peeing on Everything Now That Baby Is Here!

You can use on furniture,carpet(wet down to pad)litter boxes,cat bed,laundry ( great ... Put your cat in a confined area with a little box, water and food. ...

Help-My 7 Month Old Suddenly Refusing to Sleep!!!

Nowgo downstairs to find a stranger in your homeoh he isnt a stranger that's ... often do wrong is put their baby down too late At 7 months old your baby ...

What to Tell 2-Year-olds About Death of Our Cat

I am so sorry to hear that your cat isn't doing well, I'm sure that you all love her so much. ... my cat had to be put to sleep when I was pregnant and my son had just turned 2, .... Putting Our Cat down - How Do I Tell My 4 Year Olds? ...

Seeking Advice on Explaining a Pet Death

It is really hard to have to make the decision to put your pet down. ... My daughter is four now and last year I had to put my cat to sleep because he was ...


I am so sorry to hear about your cat That is awful Pets play such a big role ... had her dog put down and i only saw him every few months dont disount your ...

Toddler and Dying Dog

I am currently faced with having to put our family cat down and she asked me yesterday if "God was ... G., Sorry that you are having to put your dog down. ...

Very Old Family Dog

Sep 7, 2009 ... All I remember with my dog was crying a lot Unfortunately there is no easy way to tell them if your dog has to be put down Just that he is ...

How to Console a Friend Who's Losing Her Pet

I know how she feels My 14.5 year old cat Selina died unexpectedly in less than a week .... Time to Put Our Dog Down ... Putting Our 17Yrold Cat to Sleep ...
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