when should potty training begin

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M.P. asks from Green Bay

In your opinion, what is the "best" way to potty train? DS is 32 months (3 in June). We have a new "rule" in the house of underwear only...he wears "night night" diap...


Potty Training

R.D. asks from Wichita

Hello moms! I have some questions about potty training. My daughter is 18 months old. About a month and a half ago, she started telling us whenever she went #2. I th...


Potty Training

S.S. asks from Miami

Hi there Moms, Let me start off by saying that this isn't something new too me. I have 2 older children whom I've gone through this with and never had this much o...


Potty Training

K.I. asks from Houston

Is he not ready? I recently did the 3 day potty training with my 32 month old son. He seemed to do well and really get it with minimal accidents. We are now on day...


Potty Training

D.C. asks from Seattle

I am taking care of my sisters son durign the day and he is almost 3 he is potty training right now, and i think he is ready to be in underwear full time, except at n...


Potty Training

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

I need advice on potty training. My daughter’s current daycare does not allow pull ups they go straight to underwear, which I support. My daughter does awesome at d...


Potty Training

J.H. asks from Washington DC

We have been potty training my two year old for about 4 months now. He goes everytime I put him on the potty, and will stay dry if I take him every 1-1.5 hours. He ...


Potty Training

D.H. asks from Dallas

My son is 2 1/2 yr old son Cayden and had some interest in potty training until his sister was born last october. Should I take baby or giant steps in this situation...


Potty Training

K.A. asks from Asheville

My daughter turned 3 the beginning of Aug. She did really well adjusting to her new toddler bed instead of a crib. But her little potty seat is another story. She cri...


Potty Training

J.O. asks from Milwaukee

I'm having a hard time potty training my 3 3/4 yr old boy. For the most part we have #1 under control, but not #2. He knows when he has to go, runs and hides, then ...

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  • made a very big deal in 2 answers "... and let him actually go, after he did it the first time I made a very big deal ..."
  • big boy underwear in 2 answers "I think it also helped us for him to wear his big boy underwear, and we'd tell him ..."
  • get rid of the pull in 2 answers "Second, get rid of the pull ups."
  • public restrooms in 2 answers "When using public restrooms I always line the potty with toilet paper and then lift ..."
  • positive reinforcement in 2 answers "He loved the one on one attention, positive reinforcement and the reward."