when should i start potty training my son

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Freaked Out About Potty Training!! (Me--not My Son!)

It goes with a book called potty training in a day. My son was not potty trained in a day, but it actually got him to start using the potty, ...

When Should We Start Training Our 18 Month Old Son?

When Should We Start Training Our 18 Month Old Son? My son is 18 months and .... My mom told me when he is 18 months she will start potty training him. ...

Potty Training - Accidents If Underwear Are Used

Read all 20 responses: "I began potty training my 28 month old son last weekend. ... pull ups all the time till we were ready to start potty training again. ...

Diaper Leakage Problem on 18 Month Old

Read all 35 responses: "Starting about a week ago, my son's diapers are ... Maybe you should try a SMALLER size. Between 1 and 2, toddlers start to "lean out" .... 1. start potty training. "signs of readiness" make you wait until your ...

Standing up or Sitting down (How to Potty Train a Boy)

If you do start really potty training though, don't be discouraged if .... Hi, I was dreading potty training also. I bought my son a potty for his 2nd birthday. .... You should see what is comfortable for your son. My son started out by ...

Potty Training an Autistic 3 Year Old

Can you start sending her in panties? She doesn't need pull-ups here." I had an "OH realllllly! .... Potty Training My 2 1/2 Year Old Son ...

How Long Did It Take You to Potty Train?

It should be an easy stress free transition if they truly are ready. ... as our cue to start potty training (that was about 3 months b/4 he turned 3). ... It took my son until he was 3 1/2 to get to where he was finally potty trained. ...

Earliest Successful Potty Training Age?

I personally have an ideal age of 18 months to start potty training..." ... I have been "potty training" my son since he was 6 weeks old. .... If you wait for the child's readiness, then potty training should take only a couple of days. ...

Weaning and Potty Training

I need advice on when to start, should I tackle one then the other, .... My son potty trained at about three (I know girls generally do it earlier but not ...

Night Time Potty Training

She is now a little over 3 and I am wondering whether we should start thinking ... My son didn't toilet train at night until he was about 3 years 3 months. ...
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