what to put in a goody bag

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Goody Bags for Twins Birthday

S.A. asks from Madison

I am celebrating 6th birthday of my twins daughters.I'm just wondering about the goody bags,,should I make 2 bags for one kid or just 1 bag will be enough.Also pleas...


Thank You Cards Being Sent Home in the Goody bag....good or Bad Idea?

M.M. asks from Chicago

My husband was chatting with a female coworker around the water cooler today about their weekends. This coworker had just held a birthday party for her child and the...


Goody Bags for Birthday Parties

L.A. asks from Washington DC

I am SO tired of giving (and receiving) "junkie" toys in the goody bags that we give away at our Birthday parties. I was just curious if anyone has any brilliant ide...


Goody Bags for Party

C.L. asks from Detroit

so i posted another post about RSVPs so I decided to pad the party with some outside of school friends but im concerned that the school friends who dont RSVP will sho...


Ideas for "Goody Bags"

E.S. asks from Dallas

My little princess is turning one in a few short weeks and I am finsihing up the planning of her birthday party. One thing that I'm a little stumped on is how to tac...


6 Y/o Boy Birthday Goody Bag Ideas

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

I need suggestions on what to give out at my son's 6th birthday party. I don't want to make goody bags. I just want to give out ONE item /toy. I also don't want to go...


Where to Sell Items for Goody Bags?

E.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, Last yea,r after the season, I bought some Christmas things from Oriental Trading - enough to make 36 goody bags for my daughter's classmates for the follow...


Goody Bags for 12-23 Month Olds

R.A. asks from Augusta

The daycare that my child goes to is having a Christmas party next week. I have to make 14 goody bags for the children. What do you put in a goody bag for a child of ...


Help with Goody Bag

S.G. asks from San Francisco

I need some suggestions for my 6 yr old bday party. It' in a gym and for the girls I found these cute pom poms. Should I add anything else as it seems incomplete :)...


Poll: Did You Get Goody Bags When You Were Little?

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

It always surprises me when goody bag questions come up on this site and many moms reply that goody bags are a new thing. I almost always received a goody bag at bir...

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  • pin the tail on the donkey in 4 answers "I recall prizes: -Pin the tail on the donkey -musical chairs -a sticker under the ..."
  • full size candy bar in 3 answers "... catchers from the Dollar Tree with a lollipop tied to it. A full size candy bar ..."
  • never received goody bags in 2 answers "Never received goody bags. Grew up in the Midwest."
  • never heard of goody bags in 2 answers "I'm almost as old as Marda P. and I never heard of goody bags as a child."
  • one bag per guest in 2 answers "one bag per guest. 3 or 4 small toys or jewelry items like silly bands and then a ..."