what to do when your husband abuses you

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Marriage Counselor

Nov 29, 2009 ... I do not feel that is a sign of the end...... If you want it to work, .... The problem made me feel used, abused and down right sad. ... The key is to finding someone both you and your husband trust and "click" with. ...

Questions on Teaching an 11 Yr Old. Sex Ed.

so, get your game plan together with your husband, there are lots of books ... movies, peer pressure, desire to be loved, or abuse. Many parents do not ... Till one day she got wise on me and said mom if it hurts why do you have 3 kids? ...

Bad Attitude "Nothing's Ever Fun!"

If you can't have a good attitude about it then we just won't do fun things for you. You'll get to stay home with a babysitter." also tell your husband how ...

Bad Dad

Even if you are not abused in your current marriage, it sounds like you were before. ... You do not have to tell him that you're doing this. ... qualify for Legal Aid Assistance but I can't say since I don't know your husband's income. ...

4 Year Old Boy Likes to Wear Dresses

It could be harmonal or it could be learned as when someone is abused and don't .... Being gay has NOTHING to do with anything you or your husband will do. ...

12 Year Old Step Son

Oct 2, 2009 ... I know that there is no sexual abuse going on, I use to be a sex ... Did the kids or your husband do any kind of counseling during or after the divorce? ... Also, make sure you tell your son every day what a wonderful ...

Please Help!!!

I will be in counseling Tuesday and I will have the abuse-of twin in ..... If you love your husband and really do not want to walk away from that, ...

Mom Seekin Advice for Advice on Having New Boyfriend After Divorce

Sep 14, 2009 ... If the boy is being abused by the boyfriend and then the ... Now do you trust your boyfriend? Do you feel he is sincere about his feelings for your son? .... He may feel that your boyfriend has made your husband leave. ...

Painful Intercourse

She said she sees it alot in women who have been sexualy abused or raped. ... Best of luck to you, it's a horrible thing for you and your husband to have to go through. ... Do you have painful and irregular periods some of the time? ...

Help! How Do I Get a Band-aid off of a Beloved Stuffed Animal?

no help with the stuffed animal, sorry. but as for the toe - my husband is an .... you're almost done... Since this is the first time you are logging in to ...
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