what is the best thing for ringworm

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Athlete's Foot During Pregnancy??

I had the exact same thing. I didn't use any medication, I just tried to wash my ... Best of luck & again congrats on the baby!!! You're in the home stretch! ... I am pg and had a case of ringworm on my ankle (also a fungal infection), ...

Eczema Nightmare

Finally my husband told him to test for ringworm, which it was, ..... Basically, the best and least expensive thing was straight Vaseline (big tub at Costco ...

Diaper Rash Treatments

The BEST thing to do is to let your son go without his ...... My advise comes from dealing with similar issues; yeast, ringworm, allergies. ...

13-Month-old with 4-5 Dirty Diapers Daily?

You might also check her feet or hands for anything unusual ie: ringworm. ... The short end is that we avoided a trip to the hospital, and one thing I am ... You know her best of all, you're the mom, and what you do is important. ...

3 Month Old with Isolated Little White bumps....insect Bites or Pimples?

It is ringworm Im not sure what the bumps look like Doctors know best I suppose ... theyre completely harmless My little girl had the same thing we called ...


J.F. asks from Little Rock

For the last few days my daughter has had this perfectly round red blemish on her cheek. It's red and dry and I just discovered one on her bottom. I thought it might ...



B. asks from Houston

My daughter got a spot on her forehead that the dr said was ringworm. We treated it 3 times and every time it goes away within a week. Is it normal for it to keep co...



V.S. asks from San Antonio

Does anyone out there have any good ideas on how to get rid of ringworm? My 2 year old son has had it in his diaper area for months and months. The only thing my pe...



A.H. asks from Birmingham

Hello, My 6 year old son has had ringworm of the head several times. It started when he was 2 years old, and I'm sure it was from using clippers at the barbershop. ...



T.B. asks from Norfolk

I am asking this for a friend of mine. She has ringworm spots all over her legs, back, and stomach, and is finding more spots everyday. She does not have insurance ...

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