what is a birth control pill made of

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Birth Control Options

Birth Control Options - Minneapolis,MN. I recently stopped breastfeeding my youngest child, at 15 months, so I made the switch from the "mini-pill" I've ...

Birth Control While Breastfeeding?

Your OBGYN can perscribe a birth control pill that is safe to take while ... We weren't comfortable with using any type of man-made chemical in my body, ...

Anybody Taking Errin or Micronor Birth Control Pills?

Anybody Taking Errin or Micronor Birth Control Pills? ... I took Micronor after both of my boys and I made sure I took it at the same time every day. ...

Can Anyone Recommend a Good Birth Control Pill Brand?

Can Anyone Recommend a Good Birth Control Pill Brand? ... Everything else either made me sick or REALLY moody. ... Which Birth Control Pill to Choose? ...

Birth Control for a Teenager

I didn't take birth control until I was 26 and it made me sick. ..... as well as birth control pills. I was not the best at remembering to take my pills. ...

Low Dose Birth Control

i was like you dont want anymore and have made it clear and with my health .... you know what they say about birth control pill right???99% effective and 1 ...

Birth Control Pill

Birth Control Pill. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the GENERIC form ... Furthermore, many generics are made in the very same factory as the brand! ...

Seeking Advice on Iuds and Endometriosis

The best birth control pills for endometriosis would be continuous, where you would not get a period. ... There is a new IUD devise that is made of plastic. ...

Advice on Different Birth Control Methods

I have had terrible experience with the Nuvaring, Depo shot and birth control pills make it very difficult for me to conceive, it took me a year to get ...

Seeking the Perfect Birth control...low Dose Pill?

I wasn't able to take the higher dose pills, as they were too high in estrogen and made me very sick. ... Next question: Birth Control Pills Options ...
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