what does surface washable mean

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Surface Wash Recommendations?

T.H. asks from Corvallis

My daughter has an off white fluffy stuffed animal that she loves! My problem is she always sucks on it's nose so it's stained...badly! It also has a few formula stai...


Low Cost/ Do It Yourself Christmas Gift Ideas

A.S. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for home made Gifts to give to my family and friends for Christmas. Unfortunatly this year we are super strapped for...


crayola...color bubbles..blah

E.B. asks from Seattle

Has anyone had experience with the Crayola colored bubbles?? I found a really cool pack at Target. It came with two bottles of bubbles and three packs of different ...


How Do I Clean Teddy...HELP!!!!!

A.S. asks from Phoenix

My daughter who is 21 months woke up at 4am this morning covered in vomit from head to toe. her bed and her teddy were also quite messy. I am not to sure how to get h...


Bed Bud Prob

J.W. asks from Houston

Hey ladies! Ok, have any of you had a bed bug problem? And i mean problem, b/c both my husband and son have woken up in the morning w/ red bites. And when my hubby ta...


Wood Floor

E.V. asks from Kansas City

Hello mamas!! We are having a birthday party for our son this month and I want to clean our wood floors with a kid and animal friendly cleaner before the party. I usu...


My 5 Year Old at Home for Summer with Grandmother

L.W. asks from Sherman

Hi everyone! My first born son will be 5 this month. I just kind of want opinions or people who have been through this same thing. My mother i law comes over every...


Is a Changing Table Necessary???

H.C. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi there ladies i have a bit of an "issue" i guess you can say with my DH. We've been debating over whether to get a changing table for our 1st baby's room. He states...


My Floor and Carpet Are a Mess I Need Your Help !!!!!

C.K. asks from Portland

Ok I know having two kids especially two toddlers that my house is going to be a mess. Well we rent and we have a beige rug which i hate. So every spill or mess shows...


Advice on a Good High Chair, Please.

J.P. asks from Los Angeles

It has come to that point where my daughter has started Rice Cereal and veggies. So naturally, i need to get a high chair. Any recommendations? things to look for? th...

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