what does chicken pox look like

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That being said, if she does NOT have the chickenpox by say age 10, then you should request a TITER .... what does chicken pox look like · 12 month shots ...


They almost look like chicken pox but he's had them before. ... If he does not have negative reactions to UV rays maybe that will help. Helpful? ...

HELP! - Strange Rash on Son

My 6 yo son has a strange rash (well it looks like a whole bunch of little bites )they go ... Does not sound like chicken pox to me. But let the MD diagnose. ...

Spots on Belly

You'd KNOW if it were chicken pox, it would look like she got bit by a bunch of ... :D Does she have dry skin? My daughter has terrible dry skin and she has ...

Shingles and Chicken Pox

Connect, find other moms just like you .... If your baby gets chicken pox there really is nothing to do but wait for ... From what we are told to look for in Day care, Chicken pox will first show up in the warm places of their body. ...


Jul 29, 2009 ... If your little one does indeed get chicken pox, I'm sure she'll be just fine. ... Look for break outs on the head (scalp)which is a sure sign! .... medication because they don't like infants to get Chicken Pox. ...

Anyone Ever Have an Older Child Get the Chicken Pox Virus?

Just like with chicken pox if she doesn't touch it it should leave very little scaring the only ... Just tell her what ever she does do NOT scratch them and they should go away. ... It took a few weeks for it to look better though. ...

2 Year Old Has Hives; Could It Be Christmas Tree?

C.-- It really sounds like Chicken Pox. Has he had any vaccinations lately? ... Her daughters hives will sometimes look like a large patch. ...

2 Year Old with Rash & Pimples

chicken pox in 4 answersI know chicken pox is going around in our area right now ; your gut says in 2 .... red itchy rash · what does heat rash look like ...

Little Itchy Bumps on Son's Body

Does the bumps look almost like pimples? If so, Those are CHICKEN POX!! You can get chicken pox still if you had the shot for them. My girls had. ...
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