what birth control is safe

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Birth Control for a Teenager

I also don't want her to think that she's protected from pregnancy while on birth control and therefore doesn't need to practice safe sex (if she does have ...

Birth Control While Breast Feeding

Read all 9 responses: "Is anyone breast feeding while on birth control? ... My midwife said it was perfectly safe for nursing. Helpful? ...

Lactation and Birth Control Advice

my name is S..i do not know to much about birth control other than are we ... so many birth control out there and the majority of them are not safe.i work ...

Birth Control Ideas

Read all 10 responses: "What do you all suggest for birth control. ... first 6 months postpartum I was on the mini-pill which is safe to take while nursing. ...

Birth Control While Nursing

My Dr. claimed this to be the only birth control I could take while nursing, ... Mirena site doesn't say if it's safe to use while nursing. ...

Birth Control While Nursing

I am trying to decide on a birth control method that will be safe to use. I am trying to decide between the Mini-Pill (progesterone only) or the ParaGard ...

Micronor Birth Control Pill

Do any of you take the Micronor (progestin only) birth control pill? ... Regular Birth Control Pill or "Lo" Kind? 15 · Breastfeeding and the Pill Safe? ...

Birth Control

Apr 26, 2009 ... I do not like to take the birth control pill, not a big fan of ... want any more kids so he got pretty good at knowing when it was "safe". ...

Good Birth Control Pill

Apr 26, 2009 ... on the only pill that I could take that was safe for breast feeding. ... There is a new implantable birth control that is like Norplant. ...

Please Help!! Birth Control or Pregnant??

Read all 29 responses: "So i been on birth control for a year. ... Just to be on the safe side, I would stop taking the pill until you know for sure. ...
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