what are the 2 month old shots

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Upset 2 Month Old, I'm Not Sure Why

Read all 24 responses: "I'm a first time mom, with a 2 month old son. ... (it was 1999 I wasn't as research savvy as I am now) for her next shots the same ...

Fussy After Vaccination

Hi M.-my 2 month old just received the same vaccine and he too was very fussy. He also received other shots as well so I am not sure which or if all of them ...

Rotavirus Vaccine

My two month old just got her first set of shots. ... I do know of a 1 or 2 year old friend of the family who had the vaccine and still got a very serious ...

Can a 4 Month Old Remember a Bad Doctors Visit???

At 2 months old my daughter, Camryn, went for her routine well-baby visit, got her round of shots and like most babies, freaked out! ...

Is MMR vaccine safe for a 1 year old?

I have a son who got it at age 2 and a daughter who will not be gettting it at all due to a horrible reaction to her 6 month old shots (she fell asleep and ...

Has Anyone Heard About Splitting up the 12 Month MMR Vaccine?

Read all 6 responses: "My 12 month old daughter has an autistic cousin. I read somewhere that splitting up ... I never allowed more than 2 shots at a time. ...

Baby's First Shots - Any Advice?

hi W.. i feel your pain. i have a three month old son and he got his first shots a few weeks back. i did split them up. we did 2 at one appt and 2 a few ...

Shots at a 4 Year Old Ckeck Up

I would recommend getting his shots one at a time with 2-3 months in between. ... As far as preparing her- My 2 year old just got a shot at his 2 yr checkup ...

Flu Shot....yes or No??

My kids had this flu last month and it wasn't that big of a deal. Helpful? .... We gave our 2 yr old son the flu shot last year and this year. ...

6 Month Old Stopped Babbling!

Now at 2 she talks a lot, and has long sentences, so that kind of comes when they're ready. Best wishes! .... 12 month shots · typical 6 month old schedule ...
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