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My Dog Has Anxiety and It's Driving Me and My Husband Nuts!!

J.R. asks from Louisville

My dog is a german shephard/mini american eskimo. He is almost 3 years old. Every time we leave the house we put him in a dog crate. Even if we are gone for only an h...


Chinese in Twin Cities

C.D. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all, We are considering moving our family to the Twin Cities area. I am Chinese (born in China but raised on the East Coast), my husband is mixed anglo from the m...


Fallout Vs. Fear

E.D. asks from Seattle

Good Morning Ladies, I have had three *strong* cups of coffee and am still tired and in a bad mood. Can anyone else relate ;-) I live in Washington, and folks ar...


Home Buying Advice

W.W. asks from Washington DC

I'm always looking at "new" homes. We've been in the same place for 20 years. I am READY to move. Being born and raised military - I am used to moving every 3 to 4 ye...


VBAC Stories

A.K. asks from Detroit

I delivered my oldest vaginally, but had to have a c-section for my son because he was breech. Now I'm pregnant with my third child and would like to try a VBAC. Th...


Cruise First Timers

J.S. asks from New York

Trying to organize a family re-union cruise from both west and east coasts but I've never been on a cruise before. There are so many options- my head is whirling. Wh...



K.I. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All, So my boys (both will be 10 & 8 in October) are addicted to the TV show 'American Ninja Warrior'!!! If you haven't seen it, it's a great show!!! People comp...


Pregnant with an Older Child Wants to Separate from Her Husband * 2 *

F.V. asks from Chicago

Thank you for answering my question. In fact my husband got a green card from me-he's from Europe too. He's boring,yes,but also he is abusive,he wasn't recently tho...


Folks in New Mexico/Arizona: Need Travel Advice

M.R. asks from Washington DC

We're planning a vacation and are looking at the Southwest, specifically using either Santa Fe as a base to explore some of New Mexico or somewhere in AZ to explore s...


Looking for Puppy

R.J. asks from Salt Lake City

On Saturday we had to put our family dog to sleep. We are looking for a new dog for the boys. I am looking for an American Bulldog- Not a pit bull or stafordshire. ...

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