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Slim4Life - Have You Tried It and What's It Like?

I have been trying Weight Watchers online and am not having any luck. ... You get on a scale at the same time each week and it really helps you when you ...

6 Months Old and Not Eating Well

She went and bought the scale and told me to weigh him, and that the second he began to lose weight, I could worry. He never did, and I never woke him up to ...

No Weight Gain

He is doing fine developmentally and if you look at him you would not think he was at the low end of the weight scale. I am going to continue giving him ...

Concern About Slow Weight Gain for 9 Month Old Daughter

Yesterday we had her 9 month checkup and her weight was "only" 16 lbs..." ... He was a real chunk, always near the top of the scale, until about the time he ...

My Baby Isn't Gaining Weight

Read all 18 responses: "My 10 month old son hasn't gained any weight in over a month. ... I would say scale back on the solids and breastfeed more instead. ...

Struggling with Loosing Weight and Need Some Good Ideas

One week is not enough, give your self more time, one day you will step on the scale and notice that you have lost some weight. ...

Good Workout Routine at Gym

I had a new baby 6 months ago...and have been working out without much actual weight loss on the scale...until a couple weeks ago when I incorporated this ...

5 Week Old Baby Wants to Eat All the Time

You would weigh the baby before nursing (and naked too) and then afterwards. I had to do this. A bathroom scale (even a digital one) is just not sensitive ...

Weight in the Lower Percentile....

Jun 30, 2009 ... My 10 1/2 month son has not been gaining much weight. ... The scale is based on a European standard as far as size expectations, ...

4 Month Old Daughter Has Recently Become Very Fussy About Bottle Feeding-

If you are wanting to monitor how much she is taking in each feeding, rent/ borrow an infant scale and weigh her before the feeding and then with out ...
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  • primary source of nutrition in 2 answers "... 7... per my Pediatrician, breastmilk/Formula is the PRIMARY source of nutrition ..."
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