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Lost Height?

Lost Height? I had my son almost 10 months ago. I went to the Dr. for a sinus infection yesterday and when they took my height and weight, ...

35 Weeks Pregnant and Losing Weight?

I jokingly call my pregnancies weight loss programs. I never had any sickness or vomiting, and had a huge appetite during both pregnancies. ...

Anybody Try Weight Watchers for Nursing Moms?

I did Weight Watchers before I got married 2 years ago and lost 15lbs! .... I would say overall it's one of the best ways to lose weight out there. Helpful? ...

Weight Watchers - How Do You Figure Out How Many Points?

Another site with a ton of WW points values for hundreds of restaurants and foods, as well as recipes can be found at www.dwlz.com Dotti's Weight Loss Zone. ...

Has Anyone Ever Used Medifast?

I am not considering any other weight loss plan, so please do not ... Yes you will lose weight. I lost over 15 pounds and it is hard for me to lose weight. ...

2 Month Old Not Gaining Weight

B. i thought first 1-2 months babies don't actually gain weight but first two weeks they lose some and then slowly start gaining. i just looked at my girls ...

Losing Weight While Breastfeeding?

but I do want to lose a bit of weight in order to be able to keep up with them ... I can't afford special weight loss programs but if you can afford it that ...

Toddler Needs to Gain Weight After Sickness

My daughter lost weight when she was sick too and her ped said to add butter and olive oil to things she eats. If your son can't do the butter, hopefully he ...

Weaning and Gaining Weight Afterwards

I've always lost weight after weaning. From my experience, your body holds on ... It works so well that some of the weight loss companies have figured that ...

Need to Lose 20 Pounds

I spoke to a dietician who set me up with this diet based on my lifestyle and she said that a safe rate of weight-loss is about 1-2 pounds a week. ...
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