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Planning a Pregnancy and Then My Sister in Law Got Pregnant

You could share stories, swap maternity clothes, and just be there for each other for ... Congratulations on the weightloss. Please do tell how you did it. ...

Weight Watchers

I have gone online to the weight watchers website and have read the stories, .... Whatever they say their weight loss rate is on the plan, I'm sure it's true ...... It is the only weight loss program that actually teaches you how to eat ...

How Do I Lose Weight Safely While Nursing?

Nursing is great for initial weight loss, but your body will hold onto ... The program was introduced 2 years ago, and there are lots of success stories. ...

Seeking Appetite Suppressant for Sweet Tooth - Any Suggestions?

Skip the pills - too dangerous, and it's not "real" weight loss. It's just messing with your body. The food itself gives you the cravings to some extent, ...

How Do You Relax and Enjoy You Pregnancy After a Loss

There is also a good book with stories of people who have miscarried .... It helped with my pregnancy and it helped losing the weight after the pregnancy. ...


I will get a fast weight loss which is why you only do it for 5 days, .... it after her first baby...but I know those stories/people's results were NOT ...

Can Someone Hel Me Please ?

My doctor says that with weight loss and maybe some fertility drugs down the lane plus with my age ... So people withpositive stories would truely help. ...

PCOS And Trying to Get Pregnant

Jun 6, 2009 ... Thanks to everyone so far for the advice and stories! .... (positive side affect - weight loss) I was about the lose about 45 pounds. ...

Lapband surgery...am I Putting Myself at risk..is This Fair as a Parent

So, my husband decided to start a weight loss (not a diet! ... You didn't go into much detail as far as which weight loss methods you've tried over the ...

Good Plastic Surgeon - Tummy Tuck

... surgeons in Beverly Hills and she has relayed many stories about this to me. ... Sort of on Topic, Thinking I Might Want Implants After Weight Loss ...
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