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Weight Loss Ideas Needed for Working Mom

A.G. asks from Los Angeles

I had a beautiful daughter in December and I am completely frustrated with the weight loss. She is my second child and I am sure that has somehting to do with it but...


Heard of Vemma Drinks/products for Weight Loss?

K.E. asks from Dallas

Wondering if this is something I should invest in for weight loss. Haven't done a ton of research yet, but you gals are oh-so-knowledgeable, so I'm curious if you ha...


Weight Loss Supplements

C.M. asks from Chicago

I have a lot of weight to lose and I am looking for a good supplement that will help me to lose weight quickly along with exercise. I am not trying to lose all of th...


Question About Weight Loss

L.W. asks from Cincinnati

Ok Ladies..I would love to hear any words of encouragement or any advice on how to maximine the weight loss program I am going to start on Monday Here is the back st...


Anyone Know of Any Weight Loss Products That Work?

A.C. asks from Boston

Hi! I am in my 30's and have always been in shape until the last 2 years. I can not blame it on child birth or anything exciting like that. I do go to the gym and ...


Weight Loss Replacement Shakes

C.S. asks from Odessa

I have put on quite a bit of weight recently and I was looking to try somekind of meal replacement shakes. Has anyone out there had any success with a program. Any in...


Need Help in Weight Loss

L.S. asks from Spartanburg

I had my last child in 2002. Before him, I weighed 110lbs. I had a rough pregnancy with him and not to mention he was a big baby(9lbs.12oz.)I gained a a good amount o...


Workout Suggestions and Weight Loss Tips

S.B. asks from Chicago

I am seeking some suggestions and tips on good exercises to do with bad knees. Also, weight loss tips that have really worked for you. Since I had my son I have hel...


Weight Loss Challenge!!

D.P. asks from Los Angeles

Ladies, Please help!! I am exhausted of trying work out routines, eating healthier and using over the counter diet pills or plans to lose weight. I've had no resu...


Weight Loss for Stubborn Teen

S.K. asks from Des Moines

Any help that any of you can give me would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is 15 years old and we are struggling with her weight. She is gaining leaps and bounds...

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  • carb lovers diet in 2 answers "I also recommend, make that HIGHLY recommend, the CARB LOVER'S DIET book."
  • great weight loss program in 2 answers "I have used a great weight loss program that truly is healthy."
  • did weight watchers in 2 answers "... veggies so I eat VERY plainly, but I'm working on it! I did Weight Watchers ..."
  • drink your calories in 2 answers "Don't drink your calories. Have water, tea, and coffee and that's about it."
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