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Weight Loss Tips

R.T. asks from Richmond

What are some of the best weight-loss tips out there? Trying to lose 50 pounds. I was on Weight Watchers once then had to stop do to the job I was at. Then tried to g...


Diet for Weight Loss

M.M. asks from Chicago

I am curious to know what diet you have followed during weight loss and how much you have lost per week and also what kind of exercise routine did you stick to? I ...


Ready to Loss Weight!

K.M. asks from Richmond

Hi Moms out there! I am so ready to lose weight and be able to fit back into my sexy clothes again. I feel fat and very uncomfortable. I don't know how I let myself d...


LA Weight Loss

J.D. asks from Portland

I was just wondering if anyone has tried the LA Weight Loss program. If you have, did it work, how expensive was it, and did you have to take supplements? My daughter...


Seeking Weight Loss Advice

B.L. asks from Houston

I would really like to lose about 40 pounds. After having a miscarriage and two babies over the past four years, I've put on these extra pounds, and they're making m...


Weight Loss Help

H.D. asks from Dallas

Okay, mommas. I am starting to get frustrated. I want to start trying to have another baby after Christmas. I had some complications with my first pregnancy with my b...


Weight Loss HELP

K.S. asks from Cincinnati

I'm just curious.....I'm at my wits end with my weight....I have done everything I can even imagine.....Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Adkins, Eating barely nothing, c...


Help with Weight Loss.

J.F. asks from Portland

I am looking for ideas and suggestions of diets or weight loss plans that have worked for other moms. I have some obstacles. I don't have money to join a gym. Also I ...


HCG Weight Loss Program

C.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Has anyone heard of or tried this new weight loss diet? It is supposed to help you loose up to 30lbs in 30 days. I am really considering this, but I am kind of scar...


Weight Loss / Curving Appetite

T.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I need serious help I loss 34 pounds I have now gained 15 pounds back. My daughter is getting married in June I want to lose 20 ponds, How can I do it. by June I know...

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