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Weight Loss Supplements

V.K. asks from Saginaw

Does anyone have any good recommendations for nonprescription weight loss supplements? I have tried a few in the past, but it has been a long time and there are so m...


Rapid Weight Loss???

N.G. asks from Dallas

I am very overweight and need to get a cardiac procedure done. I have to lose 65 pounds in order to do this. I have adapted a healthier lifestyle, which includes gi...


Weight Loss and PCOS

A.P. asks from Florence

I know weight loss is a major problem for women with PCOS. I am just curious if there are any mamas out there with PCOS who have success with losing weight. I don't w...


Weight Loss Tips

R.T. asks from Richmond

What are some of the best weight-loss tips out there? Trying to lose 50 pounds. I was on Weight Watchers once then had to stop do to the job I was at. Then tried to g...


Weight Loss - How Did I Let Myself Go?

S.J. asks from Charlottesville

I am a 32 years old and 5 foot 7 tall. About 9 years ago my weight got up to 238 pounds. I went on weight watchers and started working out and lost 83 pounds. Now ...


Seeking Advice on Weight Loss and Exercise Plan That Works

L.M. asks from Washington DC

I am a mom of 6 kids and I work full time. I was wondering if any one has any good suggestions that have worked for them on losing weight. I have always been able t...


Weight Loss Pill?

S.B. asks from Little Rock

I am thinking about getting on a weight loss pill. I was considering adipex but my obgyn thinks that meridia would be better. She said it has no harmful side affect...


Weight Loss Challenge

S.W. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi Everyone. I am trying to put together a Weight Loss Challenge for our community. I have it ready to go with nutrition classes every week, a weigh-in, measuring, a...


Weight Loss Surgery

K.N. asks from Dallas

We are looking into weight loss surgery. Did you have this done? If so, what procdure and who did it? Looking for Dr in North Dallas. I know there are risks with e...


Is There a Good Weight Loss While Nursing?

J. asks from Dallas

I have been nursing my son for 10 1/2 months now and I really want to loose the 60 lbs I gained while pregnant. I've lost 15 since his birth but I'm tired of the way ...

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