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That #$%^# Stomach Bug!!!

Y.Z. asks from Philadelphia

My 10 month old has had the stomach bug thats going around for 5 days now, and I dont know what to do. I know its viral, because my entire family got it. He was vomi...


Weight Loss and Other Symptoms in My Son

B.C. asks from Columbia

My son has been losing weight steadily since spring. He went from over 90 pounds to 73 pounds since April. He is on Adderall but eats all the time. He is now having...


Breasfeeding and Weight Loss

C.F. asks from Boston

My baby is turning 10 months soon and I haven't been able to lose the baby weight, even that I am still breasfeeding. Is this normal? I was told that breasfeeding hel...


Weight Loss Help

C.R. asks from Houston

I am still carrying around post-pregnancy weight, and I am ready to start my new year's resolution today! I am so tired all the time (no energy), and I just need to ...


Need Help - Weight Loss

M.O. asks from College Station

I am trying very hard to take off 20-30 lbs. I am currently enrolled in a gym where I utilize the pool for swimming. Does anyone have any success stories in helping...


Have You Had Weight Loss Surgery

P.:. asks from Phoenix

What lead up to the decision to have the surgery? Did you start working with your primary care doctor or did you work with the bariatric doctor from the start? How lo...


Weight Loss in Child

A.H. asks from Dallas

I am wondering if any of you have a personal experience with a child that is overweight. My husband and I growing up were both very active and did not have problems ...


Help for Weight Loss

K.P. asks from Salinas

I need help!!! I've been struggling with the 'left over' baby weight from my pregnancy almost two years ago. I breastfed my daughter for an entire year so I tried t...


Workout Suggestions and Weight Loss Tips

S.B. asks from Chicago

I am seeking some suggestions and tips on good exercises to do with bad knees. Also, weight loss tips that have really worked for you. Since I had my son I have hel...


Weight Loss and Still Have Body Issues.

J.L. asks from Minneapolis

I am a healthy almost 40 year old mother of three amazing children. I have lost a total of 103 pounds from my very heaviest. I am now 180 (and 6 feet tall). I am so ...

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  • mummy magic weight loss tea in 2 answers "To get rid of this bothering fatty belly, drink mummy magic weight-loss tea."
  • carb lovers diet in 2 answers "I also recommend, make that HIGHLY recommend, the CARB LOVER'S DIET book."
  • low carb diet in 2 answers "The only think that has worked for me to lose weight is a low-carb diet."
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  • drink your calories in 2 answers "Don't drink your calories. Have water, tea, and coffee and that's about it."