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Anyone Used Alli?

D.H. asks from San Antonio

I'm looking for some feedback from moms who have tried Alli. Good and bad please. I'm looking to lose 30 pounds---walking daily but just need a little boost.


Diet Pill Alli

R.M. asks from Houston

Has anyone tried the diet pill alli? I have attempted to by it so many times but have heard of some awful side effects. If anyone has any experiences good or bad plea...


Alli ~ Diet Pill

I.C. asks from Portland

I was wondering if anyone out there had any feedback about Alli? I have already started a workout regimen, and I have started to eat healthier. I am just looking fo...


New Diet Pill Alli?

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone tried the diet pill "alli" that is FDA approved? I'm curious as to how it makes you feel and if there are side effects? I love to work out and eat fairly...


Moms Who Have or Haven't Tried Alli

H.H. asks from Elkhart

I have done a thorough research on this drug but, I only know of one person who has ever used it. It is working for her but I would like to know if there are other pe...


Is Anyone Taking Alli Out There

A.D. asks from Houston

is there anyone taking Alli i have started it about 2 weeks ago and i seem to be bigger than when i started it, i try to watch what i eat i dont go out and eat all th...


Seeking Input Regarding Alli - the Weight Reduction Plan

C.O. asks from New York

A friend just advised me that she has been succesful combining Jenny Craig and the Alli pills. I am a bit concerned about the use of these pills - (she has had a ca...


Anyone Tried the New Alli Pill?

M.L. asks from Los Angeles

I'm curious and considering the new FDA approved alli diet pill. I'd like to know about anybody's experience.


Medication for Weight Loss

M.L. asks from Reno

Hi. I asked this before, but didn't get any responses. I thought I would try again. Has anyone out there taken phentermine for weight loss? Did it help? How bad ...


Weight Loss Supplements

S.D. asks from San Francisco

has anyone ever tried the weight loss supplement called "Slim Quick"? did you like it or not, any side effects you've experienced. thanks.

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  • adverse side effects in 2 answers "... you listen to your body and eat well you will not have the adverse side effects ..."
  • low fat diet in 3 answers "I was already eating a pretty low fat diet, so I wanted to try Alli to help out."
  • appetite suppressants in 2 answers "There are other natural appetite suppressants out there."
  • weight loss pill in 2 answers "I've hear the problem with that type of weight loss pill is that as soon as you get ..."
  • weight watchers in 6 answers "I recommend Weight Watchers, exercise and Alli."