weight loss off the pill

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Need Help, Advice, or Maybe Just Encouragement with Exercise/weight Loss.

The hardest part of weight loss is being patient. Get rid of the scales. ... It melts the weight right off your body and if you are exercising too!!! wow. ...

Need Help - Weight Loss

Need Help - Weight Loss. I am trying very hard to take off 20-30 lbs. .... a stand alone B complex, CLA, and a fish/borage/flax oil pill every day. ...

Weight Loss Clinics?

The weight came off, but my thyroid got seriously messed up. My family physician said that he could prescribe medication that would cause weight loss, ...

How to Loose the Baby Weight

I think that the pill made it harder to lose weight and the reason I say this is because the weight went off slow but when I stopped taking the pill, ...

Diet Pills

I went on there weight loss program, lost 10 lbs. in two weeks and have not ... My doctor has me taking only half a pill. The first day I noticed I had lots of ... mind frame to actually make changes to keep the weight off this time. ...

Seeking Weight Loss Advice

Also, has anyone tried the weight loss pill Alli? ... I have kept the weight off and it's a great thing to resort back to if I need to drop a few lbs, ...

Mom Seeking Advice on Weight Loss Programs

Just to let you know I have been taking the weight loss over the counter pill Alli. It has been working pretty good in addition to Weight Watchers. ...

Seeking Info on Weight Loss

It is the first FDA apporved over the counter weight loss pill and I ... are never a really good idea, especially if you want to keep the weight off. ...

Anyone Know of Any Weight Loss Products That Work?

I know it's a struggle to lose weight and keep it off! ... If you take supplements in pill form, you will find that you are wasting a lot of your money ...

Acai Berry Weight Loss

No pill will guarantee weight loss unless you are taking other steps in addition to taking it like, eating healthier and excercising. So take my advice and ...
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  • they have a good track record in 2 answers "Make sure that its a good fit for you and that they have a good track record of success."
  • weight loss clinics in 3 answers "Hi C.- Sorry I don't have any info about weight loss clinics but wanted to say ..."
  • weight loss clinic in 4 answers "I went to a very good/reliable weight loss clinic at my doctor's office."
  • low carb diet in 2 answers "The only think that has worked for me to lose weight is a low-carb diet."
  • your calorie intake in 2 answers "I suggest you up your calorie intake for a few days."