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Birth Control and Weight Loss

D.M. asks from Clarksville

Hi everyone! I have struggling to lose weight for about a month, but I lost only abot 2,2 lbs so far. I exercize regulary and I eat as healthy as I can with 3 meals a...


Weight Loss Using Orovo

R.B. asks from Houston

Has anyone tried Orovo to loose weight? I've heard good review for it and ordered it but am thinking, as with most weight loss drugs, its just a gimmic. I am doing ...


Suggestions for Weight Loss

M.M. asks from San Diego

I know some Moms, like me, who are lazy to exercise. I lost 20 lbs after I gave birth to my Youngest Daughter. That was 13 months ago. I still have the last 10 lbs...


Weight-Loss Pills??

J.S. asks from Chicago

So my daughter will be 1 at the end of this month, and I am beginning to realize that I have not lost ANY of my pregnancy weight! I'm not a big person at all & I don...


Help with Weight Loss

G.L. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone. I have tried many weight loss programs without much success. Because of a couple of health issues I really need to shed some weight off fast. Does any...


Did/does the Pill Prevent You from Losing Weight? Make You Gain Weight?

N.G. asks from Dallas

I got lap-band in September 2010, and lost nearly 90 pounds in the first year. I'm still working on it- we live a healthy lifestyle and I have employed the help of a...


Diet Pill

J.D. asks from Washington DC

I am looking for a good diet pill that will suppress my appetite. I have tried trim spa and that seemed to make me hungrier than usual. I took a multi-vitamin every...


Seeking Weight Loss Advice

B.L. asks from Houston

I would really like to lose about 40 pounds. After having a miscarriage and two babies over the past four years, I've put on these extra pounds, and they're making m...


Weight Loss (Phentermine)

B.R. asks from Raleigh

Hi ladies, I had my 3rd son almost a year ago and recently found out about the prescription weightloss pill phentermine/adipex. I couldnt get my family dr. to give ...


Severe Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

V.C. asks from Washington DC

I'm a little embarrassed to be asking this question, as I'm feeling pretty lucky about this, but here goes. I am 5'4", was a size 8 before my first pregnancy, and nev...

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