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Overweight and Starting an Excercise Routine

When I have mentioned weight loss to my doctor, they tell me "move more, eat less". ... Again weight watchers is your first step, and get rid off all the " bad" foods in the ... try adding a diet pill to the regiment Xenical or Meridia ...

Need Help, Advice, or Maybe Just Encouragement with Exercise/weight Loss.

The hardest part of weight loss is being patient. Get rid of the scales. ... It melts the weight right off your body and if you are exercising too!!! wow. ...

Weight Loss Pills That Have Worled for Other Mamas?

It is the only weight loss on the market that has no side effects (like that ... ANd now kept it off for a year. ANd you are much younger than I am (I'm 54) ...

Acai Berry Weight Loss

No pill will guarantee weight loss unless you are taking other steps in addition to taking it like, eating healthier and excercising. So take my advice and ...

Looking for Website That Sells Phentermine

Also if anyone has any ideas on a different diet pill that would help. .... I'm trying to get the baby weight off...Please let me know. Thanks. ... They are so great for weight loss. I have found a couple of sites that see it without ...

Trying to Get Pregnant

I went off the pill after taking it for about 5 years (I was on and off it for ... i.e. stress, weight loss/gain....I think the rule of thumb is if you have ...

Diet & Weightloss

It is great pill, but you CANNOT EAT ANY FAT or everything you eat has to be low .... I'm sorry but I would NEVER take any weightloss supplement with a side ...

Reccomendations for Safe Weight Loss Pills.

I really feel that a weight loss assisting pill could help me dump these pounds before swimming season .... Good luck and those lbs are so hard to get off! ...

HELP!!! I Cannot Take off the Weight....

It isnt a diet pill it doesnt make you dizzy or hyped up. .... And I am a firm believer that you can't have permanent weightloss without exercise which you ...

Safest Weight Loss

I know that quicker weight loss is supposed to not be safe, but is there anything out there that can take off weight maybe just a bit quicker than that ...
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  • will increase your metabolism in 2 answers "... contiue to burn calories after and building muscle will increase your metabolism."
  • lean muscle mass in 2 answers "... that can be used as a meal replacement and it helps build lean muscle mass."
  • ovulation calculator to figure in 2 answers "... buy one of those kits, just go online and use an ovulation calculator to figure ..."
  • after going off the pill in 3 answers "I don't know that there is a specific amount of time after going off the pill, I'm ..."
  • your calorie intake in 2 answers "I suggest you up your calorie intake for a few days."