weight loss not working

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Anyone Want to Start a Weight Loss Support Group???

Anyone Want to Start a Weight Loss Support Group??? Hello mamas - I know I'm not the only one with this problem, it just seems like it. ...

Always Cold During Pregnancy

Due to the weight gain during pregnancy, and weight loss after, thyroid levels sometimes seem to vary. Pregnancies also vary and one just might not be the ...

Baby with Big Belly: Health Problem???

Is your pediatrician not worried about her weight? As for the belly, probably not a big deal, ... Everything is working fine, I would not worry about it. ...

Anyone Heard of Arbonne and the Figure 8 Weight Loss Program?

As far as the weight loss I have not really dealt with or know much about it. ... Regarding the Figure 8 I have not personally used the weight loss products ...

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss--Looking for a Dance Class

It is more like working out and not so much "fun" but the fun part is being with the group and having your ... Best Classes for Exercise and Weight Loss? ...

Weight Gain

The weight stays off because it is healthy weight loss. .... I started gaining weight for no reason and it turned out to be my thyroid not working. ...

Does My Toddler Have a Drinking Problem? :)

Peeing a lot is not a problem, well, for anyone but the person who is spending 4hrs .... There are several other signs of it as well (weight loss, fatigue, ...

How Do I Do It?

Also, Oprah's trainer said that the most important weight-loss trick he had to offer was picking a time in the night and not eating ANYTHING after. ...

Lose the Baby Weight

Not only did I drop the weight in a healthy manner, but it is also a ... Shaklee has a great weight loss program that my husband and I have both had success with . ... Some of my friends think I'm nuts getting up early and working out. ...

Re Diet and Exercise

Because you're not seriously overweight, losing weight is less noticeable at .... I joined a weight loss program, and the key thing was to eat fresh fruits and .... Hey J. - I actually started working out with a trainer just recently. ...
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