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Lapband Surgery

R.Q. asks from New York

Hi! Has anyone had the lapband surgery? I am considering it and want to know as much as possible before I call a Doctor. What are the pre-req's like dieting,etc. Wh...


Jaw Surgery

M.P. asks from Chicago

My 21 year old daughter is going in for jaw surgery to correct a severe unalignment. They will be breaking her jaw, shortenting the bottom one, bringing forward her ...


Worried About Surgery..

D.D. asks from Denver

I have lived most of my life with heavy bleeding (UPDATE: FROM FIBRIODS) , it only got worse the older I got. My doctor did her best to help me preserve my female org...


Weight Loss While Nursing

V.L. asks from Kansas City

I recently had my 3rd child and gained about 40lbs from the pregnancy. This summer I have to stand up in a wedding and I need to lose the weight to fit into my dress....


Weight Loss, Whats Worked for You?

M.A. asks from Phoenix

Just wondering what has worked best to help you loose weight? I am starting to walk/jog and cut my soda (dr.pepper) down from 5-6 a day to no more then 2. Never tried...


Hormones and Weight Loss Trouble, Is There Really a Connection?

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey mamas, Do any of you know if your hormones being whacked out or your thyroid can hijack weigh loss? I am doing the right things, I work out, I eat right, log my...


Weight Loss Before Kideny Donation

L.M. asks from Chicago

Hello fellow moms, Im seeking any input on shedding some pounds. My husband has Lupus and is on diaylsis.He needs a kidney transplant long story short im a match. I...


Weight Loss Challenge!!

D.P. asks from Los Angeles

Ladies, Please help!! I am exhausted of trying work out routines, eating healthier and using over the counter diet pills or plans to lose weight. I've had no resu...


Weight Loss for Stubborn Teen

S.K. asks from Des Moines

Any help that any of you can give me would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is 15 years old and we are struggling with her weight. She is gaining leaps and bounds...


Weight Loss Issue

M.L. asks from Dallas

Ok Mama's I need some help on loosing weight. I'm about 5'8 250-260lbs and I HATE it. I have two kids, so that doesn't help much. I would like to get down to 175lbs ...

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  • steel pins and plates in 2 answers "The surgery took 14 hours and I had steel pins and plates inserted in my jaws and ..."
  • just follow the doctors orders in 2 answers "... you and your daughter will be in my prayers, just follow the doctors orders ..."
  • lower jaw in 6 answers "I had my lower jaw moved back, 26 years ago."
  • adrenal fatigue in 2 answers "I totally agree with what she said about adrenal fatigue too."
  • did lose weight in 3 answers "Yes, I did lose weight, probaly about 20 pounds!"