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Stuggling with Thyroid and Weight Loss

S.R. asks from Chicago

I had my thyroid out 7 yrs ago before I conceived my son. And ever since, I have put on weight and have a harder time losing it. NO matter what I do. My levels supp...


HELP!! Weight Loss and Exercise !

B.W. asks from Canton

Ok ladies... Im 32 (almost 33) I work out with hubby every other day with weights. We have a treadmill and too (when i get on it) I weighed 213 and now am down to ...


Symptoms of Female Cancers

J.L. asks from San Diego

Hi ladies, i know most of you are younger woman but have any of you had any type of female cancers and if so what were your symptoms? and was it hereditary?


Physical Postpartum Symptoms?

M.G. asks from Washington DC

Hi Moms, My sister had her 1st baby 4 days ago and although she is thrilled and excited, she is experiencing some physical postpartum symptoms. Especially last nig...


Hair Loss

A.S. asks from Washington DC

Hello! I'm having major problems with hair loss. Everyone I talk to says this is normal for a breastfeeding mom but I just can't believe how much hair I'm losing!! ...


Still at a Loss

E.M. asks from Louisville

I wrote in a few weeks ago asking if any of you mommas have had problems with chronic fatigue, hair loss and headaches. I got some great responses and with that infor...


Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Other Moms Have Experienced?

J.C. asks from Hartford

Just wondering if any other moms have this? I had my blood work done today to check my THS and T4 levels. I believe I have it, it would explain SO much that has been ...


Questions on Teething Symptoms

K.K. asks from Omaha

I believe my 7 mo. old daughter is teething. She hasn't had any teeth come in yet, but she's been doing a lot of drooling and chewing since she was 4 mo. old. In th...


Early Menopause Symptoms?

K.P. asks from Dallas

I am 41, and had my third child at 39 in 2006. I seem to be having some menopause symptoms, and had my doctor do a blood workup, but it showed all my hormone levels ...

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