weight loss no exercise

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Weight Loss

A.C. asks from Rockford

Hello, So I am struggling with losing weight. I lost already 30 pound by exercise and watching what I eat but now Im stuck Im 150 pounds and my goal is to get to 130...


Weight Loss

J.B. asks from Denver

I have had 2 kids. My eldest was born 2 years ago and most recent is nearly 1 year old. With the first baby I lost al but 10lbs before I found out I was pregnant agai...


:( Weight Loss

S.L. asks from Columbia

:( So I am over weight, especially after having my son who is almost 9 months old. I need to lose weight. I feel reidiculous. The thing is I NEED someome to tell me ...


Alli Weight Loss....

T.C. asks from Hickory

has anyone has any success with the alli weight loss system? if so how much weigh loss? how is the system?


Weight Loss

K.C. asks from St. Louis

Ok, where do I begin. I was thin until I got pregnant with my first child. I gained 55 pounds with that pregnancy. I gave birth in March '05 and by May I lost 25 poun...


Diets and Weight Loss

M.M. asks from Syracuse

does anyboby know a good diet am looking to loss same weight.


Weight Loss

L.R. asks from Chicago

help... my husband makes me feel fat. All he does is get on me about my weight. Yes I'm probably 20lbs over weight and can lose it.. but it seems like he just nags ...


Weight Loss

A.O. asks from Columbus

I have been thinking about getting into wieght watchers I have two kids 6 and 2 and have not gotten rid of the baby fat is so hard; does any one have any input on how...


Weight Loss

E.L. asks from Los Angeles

Help...I need some wieght loss tricks. I am 5'6" but I look about 175. I have been working out walking/jogging most days of the week and lifting weights for streng...


Weight Loss

M.M. asks from York

Good morning, ladies! I need some help. I have always been a naturally thin woman. I got pregnant when I was 27 and gained a whopping 80 pounds. It is not like I ...

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