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Weight Loss Supplements

V.K. asks from Saginaw

Does anyone have any good recommendations for nonprescription weight loss supplements? I have tried a few in the past, but it has been a long time and there are so m...


Diet & Weight-loss

S.W. asks from Atlanta

I had my baby 6 months ago. I need help for loss some weight. Please someone recommend a good diet.


Weight Loss Clinics?

C.J. asks from Houston

Hey Mamas, I am having a hard time of sticking to a diet to lose weight, I recently came across a few weight loss clincs in my area. Have any of you had any exper...


Weight Loss Supplements

S.D. asks from San Francisco

has anyone ever tried the weight loss supplement called "Slim Quick"? did you like it or not, any side effects you've experienced. thanks.


Weight Loss Plan

M.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Everyone, I'm looking to lose 30+ pounds in post pregnancy weight. I was wondering if anyone had any weight loss plans they have tried that were sucessful. Any ...


Medication for Weight Loss

M.L. asks from Reno

Hi. I asked this before, but didn't get any responses. I thought I would try again. Has anyone out there taken phentermine for weight loss? Did it help? How bad ...


Weight Loss Strategies?

M.D. asks from Washington DC

Dear All: I need weight loss advice. Since the birth of my second child I keep gaining weight. I have successfully lost weight before (for example after my first pre...


Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

E.R. asks from Dallas

I was thinking about trying this. I'm hoping this could help with compulsive overeating, etc. Has anyone had success/failure with hynosis for weight loss? I would lov...


Seeking Weight Loss Stories

C.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I'm writing some weight-loss profiles for a national women's magazine and would love to hear from moms who've shed pounds by conquering bad eating habits, crazy sched...


Question About Weight Loss...

K.L. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know if you can actually see a dr. about weight loss? I don't have a general practioner since we recently moved here and don't want to sound like an idio...

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