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Tonsillectomy as an Adult??

Dec 27, 2009 ... But in your experience, how long before I will be able to take ... He was awful but then again, men are so much worse then women .... 1 week after my surgery, I was crying from the pain and the ... That is just me, because my experience has been so bad - and the loss of taste thing is so depressing! ...

Looking for Affordable Organic Skin Car/hair Care/make-up

THey have it for babies, men, women, and older people. ... If you have never tried it, go to an ULTA store and try it before you by. ... aromatherapy, nutrition and weight loss products - and continues the tradition of producing ..... put anything on my skin that I wouldn't eat--it all ends up in my body after all. ...

Lost My Interest in sex...HELP!!!

S. - I have been through this before. Let me assure you it is totally normal. ... Men are simple that way! Good luck, and yes it will be fun to have sex again . ..... S.- I too lost all interest in sex after my babies were born. ... Yes, tons of us have gone through this loss of interest in sex, and it is totally ...

Lupron Depot for Treatment of Endometrosis

Sometimes I forget how much pain I dealt with, loss of family and work time because of it. I ... Firsthand, as an urology nurse, I know many men do experience side ... hot flashes and weight gain, but remember everyone reacts to every drug ... Before I took Lupron I was on some kind of an oral med (wish I could ...

Disappointed I'm Having Another Boy - How to Cope

I would raise an army of boys before I tried to raise another girl...lol and ... I am 28 and to be honest, most men I know are VERY close to their mom's. ... What a heritage, and what a loss to not be able to pass it on to another girl. ..... a bunch of weight - plus I'm sure she'll have her own individual taste. ...

Recommendations for OB GYN in Grand Rapids

In fact, she would start the visits by asking if I had any questions, before she got into the "business" of the visit. I really appreciated that, ...

Vasectomy Regrets

Sep 22, 2009 ... A week after we went and were able to freeze 6 vials of viable semen. ... Weight Management ... Men are logical when it comes to having children, women are emotional ... but YOU'RE life, as R., before you decide that him not wanting ... loss of future children, but for custody on the vials of semen. ...

Husband Wants Lots of Kids- I don't-Wishing I Could Escape My Marriage

I would aim to do couples counseling but a lot of men are close-minded about that. ... Your OB can help you and then, after the fact or before, you can tell your husband ..... The only "selfish" reason I see in your list is "loss of figure", and that doesn't ...... GFCF DIET And SCD · Jenny Craig V. Weight Watchers ...

Help with a "The World Is Against Me" Husband

... but I can only do that for so long before it starts to rub back off on me. ... Sorry this is so lengthy, Im just kind of at a loss. HELP! ... I don't want to say selfish because they really may be the type of men who are .... After all , what kind of advice would you give her if this was her in your situation? ...

My Dad & My Boys

Me and my sister really never got the chance to know him before he pass away. ... I do mourn the loss of Gammy time because I had such a wonderful time with her ... After that it's up to him. My dad missed out on a lot because he chose not ... Men either need to have a major role in a childs life or no role at all. ...
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